Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

All you have to do is to register online once.  Please follow detailed  3-step process by clicking HERE.
The answer to this is dependent on how you want the Peso remittance to be delivered to the Philippines. Pesos is generally available for withdrawal in the Philippines the same day or the following day at the latest. Read for more details below.

  1. Pesos to be transferred to BDO Philippine Bank Account,
    • Peso remittance is available for claiming or withdrawal AFTER ONE (1) Business Day from processing status.
  2. Pesos is to be deposited to any other Philippine bank accounts aside from BDO:
    • Money transferred to a non-BDO account will be credited to the recipient’s account. After 1-3 business days from processing status at 5-8pm Manila time.
  3. Pesos to be transferred to MLhuillier , Cebuanna Lhuillier , SM Global Pinoy, BDO Remit and SM Business Centers.
    • Peso remittance is available for claiming or withdrawal WITHIN THE SAME DAY from processing status.
    Please note that there may be delays when remittance date falls on a Philippine Holiday or Australian Holiday.
Yes and Yes! Remit To The Philippines Pty Ltd is an Australian Registered company. We are also AUSTRAC Compliant and registered which is a requirement to all companies handling monies – eg. banks, financial institutions and remittance companies. You can check for more details about the list of Australian Remittance Sector. You will definitely see us on the list.
Remittance Processing Hours: 9am - 6pm Sydney time Monday - Saturday
Customer Support Hours: 9am to 9pm Sydney time Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday
Retracting any form of remittance will be subjected to a “Refund Processing Fee”. Refund Processing Fee is the service charge in lieu of transferring the money back to your account. If the remittance was already processed, upon the commencement of the refund, the initial TRANSACTION FEE of $7 (i.e., this is only the standard price) will be forfeited. Also, an additional $4 will be deducted from your funds to serve as the Remittance Processing Fee.
Absolutely! You will be given this option and details of the bank where you can deposit funds as soon as you register and fill in the remittance form.
We do not have an “office” or store front where you can drop off funds. Remit to the Philippines Pty Ltd is 100% pure Filipino Owned family online remittance service.We believe that online transfers and monitoring are safer , time efficient and cost effective than face to face transactions. In today’s day and age, there is no need to drive, run or walk to a Filipino shop to get something done. You can do your remittance with us anytime and anywhere!
Cancellation request can be attempted but there is no guarantee that cancellation will be successful once the remittance has been processed.
When we say "Business Day" it means the whole day (24 hours) that is a day when businesses are open both in AU and PH. This excludes weekends and Holidays in either AU and PH.
A valid ID is a government issued Identification document that has the senders Photo, Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Expiration date which is not expiring atleast 15 days upon the submission of a remittance form. Such as but not limited to: Australian Passport, AU Drivers License, etc. If you are unsure if your ID is acceptable please contact