About Remit to the Philippines Pty. Ltd


Company Overview

Founded in 2012, Remit to the Philippines Pty. Ltd delivers unparalleled remittance service from Australia to any part of the Philippines. A Filipino-owned and operated company, we know and understand your various remittance needs and concerns.

Despite being a relatively new player in the remittance industry, our commitment to providing safe, customer-focused, and cost-effective remittance service has earned us numerous loyal customers.

Remit to the Philippines was founded on the principle of effective customer service — because you deserve nothing less. We take great measures to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. These, along with our reasonable transaction fees and competitive exchange rates, have kept our customers coming back.

What makes us stand out is our effective and personal approach to customer service. All our customers are treated with courtesy, transparency and honesty—with the aim of providing the best customer service possible. We take every step to make sure that your money is securely and efficiently transferred to the Philippines.

We understand the urgency of money to be sent to Lolas. We feel the love that comes with the monies sent to your family. We appreciate the pride that comes from paying off a newly bought property. We celebrate in every Filipino staff’s salary sent by their Australian employers. All these stories becomes part of us, and we always are happy to send for you.

Lola About Remit to the Philippines Pty. Ltd

Our Company’s Mission

  • To satisfy the remittance needs of customers wanting to send Pesos to the Philippines from Australia.
  • To provide effective customer service.
  • To maintain good and long-lasting relationships with our customers in Australia and their recipients in the Philippines.

Why Send Your Money Through Us?

  • Remit to the Philippines is an AUSTRAC Remittance Sector Registry Independent Remittance Dealer (IND100350163-001).
  • Remit to the Philippines is Australian Securities and Investments Commission Registered (ACN: 157 688 394).
  • Remit to the Philippines is powered by the biggest bank in the Philippines.

The People Behind Remit to the Philippines Pty. Ltd

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Rica, Filipina Owner and Founder

“I take every project personally. It is my passion towards the things I do that drives me more than anything else. I have been sending money to the Philippines since 2007 for my siblings, my Lola and some charity I support. What I’ve noticed throughout the years was the lack of ‘proper’ customer service from remittance companies. The lack of innovations and adjustments to new technology was also bothersome.”

“I grew up in the Philippines and I understand how relaxed we are. Our standard of customer service is also very relaxed and lacks sense of urgency. But when you’ve lived in Sydney for so many years, you get used to a different standard. Your standards and requirements change. I was looking for a Remittance Company that provides customer service with better standards for Australia-Based Filipinos. I did not find it, so I thought to set one up.”

“Majority of the remittance companies do not provide customer support and those that do, provide substandard, inefficient service. When it comes to sending money to the Philippines, it’s frustrating to not be able to talk to someone who can answer your questions.”

“An unforgettable—and unforgivable—experience I had with a leading remittance company was when they mistakenly sent me AU$2,000+! Upon realizing their mistake, they asked me to return the money. I did— but can you imagine the trouble it cost me? Not to mention the trouble it cost the person who should have received that amount!”

“Our company’s mission is to provide remittance service with customer support that is second to none. With the very busy life we are living in Australia, ensuring that your remittances reach your loved ones in the Philippines should be the least of your worries. With Remit I made sure anyone can reach us by phone, SMS, email, web chat, Skype or Facebook. We strive to address all our customers’ concerns in an efficient and timely manner. We put great importance on the relationships we create with our clients.”