Business Overview

Remit to the Philippines (RTP), is a newly established money remittance business, focused on delivering a consistent and unparalleled customer service experience to and for the Filipino community. Our services focus on both individuals and business customers.


Why you should be confident in RTP

  • No transaction fees. No strings or conditions attached!
  • We specialise and focus solely on remittances from Australia to the Philippines
  • Talk directly to our Tagalog speaking Client Service team
  • We’re available to assist outside of standard working hours
  • You can track and monitor your remittance from start to finish
  • Our system facilitator* enables us to directly connect to the Filipino Banking & Remittance Network
  • We guarantee to deliver an inexpensive and speedy payment delivery solution, supported by a responsive client service experience.

    * We are supported and powered by Australian based Compass Global Holdings, a specialist global Forex & Payments Provider.

So why are we so confident that RTP will exceed your expectations?

So why are we so confident that RTP will exceed your expectations?

Speak English or Tagalog with our client service professionals

We are focused solely on the Filipino community

Track and monitor your remittance in our system from initiation to completion

Our systems and facilitators provide direct and indirect connectivity to the Filipino Banking and Remittance network

We guarantee to exceed your expectations, and deliver an efficient and prompt payment delivery solution, supported by an empathic and responsive client service experience.

Meet our Manager

Operations Manager – Bryan

Kumusta! I have worked in the Filipino Remittance business for years and am truly honoured to be leading RTP and supporting the Filipino community. I have family members who are Overseas Filipino Workers, so I fully understand the feeling of anxiety, when sending / receiving money from abroad, especially in times of need, but even more so in this current and difficult environment. Finding a good and reliable Remittance company, which genuinely cares about its customers and is prepared to go the extra mile is critical. So let us re-assure you!

This is what my team and I truly believe in and this is what differentiates us from the rest.

Please check out our ‘Contact Us’ page, to ‘e-meet’ your RTP Support Team