Identity Verification

Why do we need to verify your information?

As a Financial Service entity and Australian regulated company, we are required by law to verify the identity and specific details of our customers.

What ID information is accepted by Remit?

Below is the list of ID information accepted by Remit:

  1. Passport (any countries are acceptable)
  2. Australian Driver’s License (Digital ID is not accepted)
  3. Australian Photo ID or Proof of Age

In order to confirm your identity, we need you to submit a clear copy of the following:

1. Valid ID that details the following information:

a. Full Name

b. Date of Birth

c. ID Expiration Date

d. Address (if any)

e. ID number

f. State issuer of ID

2. Latest proof of address (if ID provided is not a Driver’s License). Below are examples of acceptable documents providing proof of address (should not be older than 3 months from registration).

a. Bank Statement or Letter from Bank / Financial Institution

b. Government Issued Letter

c. Utility Bill / Utility Contract such as:

i.Natural Gas Bill

ii.Electricity Bill

iii.Phone Bill

iv.Internet / Cable Bill

d. Signed Tenancy Agreement / Certified True Copy of Tenancy Agreement

e. Certificate of Enrolment issued by accredited educational or training institution

f. Letter issued by accredited medical service provider