Required Identification Page

To activate your account we will require 1 ID listed below :
  • Australian passport
  • Australian drivers license
  • Australian Proof of age (SA / QLD / VIC) or Counterparts from other States such as
    • Photo ID (NSW)
    • Proof of Identity Card (ACT)
    • Evidence of Age Card (NT)
    • Photo Identification Card (QLD)
    • Personal Identification Card (TAS)
    • Photo Card (WA)
  • Australian Government Employee ID
  • Passport from other Countries
For None-Australian Passport holders will also require 1 supporting document as a proof of residential address . The document will need to show your full name and address.
  • Australian Bank Statement / Credit Card Statement
  • Phone bill
  • Electric bill
  • Internet bill
  • Water / Hydro bill
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Natural Gas Bill
If you do not have any supporting document , please email to further discuss.