Required Verification Documents

To activate your account we will require 1 ID listed below :
  • Australian passport
  • Australian drivers license
  • Australian Proof of age (SA / QLD / VIC) or Counterparts from other States such as
    1. Photo ID (NSW)
    2. Proof of Identity Card (ACT)
    3. Evidence of Age Card (NT)
    4. Photo Identification Card (QLD)
    5. Personal Identification Card (TAS)
    6. Photo Card (WA)
  • Australian Government Employee ID
  • Passport from other Countries
For None-Australian Passport holders will also require 1 supporting document as a proof of residential address . The document will need to show your full name and address.
  • Australian Bank Statement / Credit Card Statement
  • Phone bill
  • Electric bill
  • Internet bill
  • Water / Hydro bill
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Natural Gas Bill
If you do not have any supporting document , please email to further discuss.