Your Unused Makeup and Toiletries Can Help Human Trafficking Victims. Here’s How.

I’m a huge skincare junkie. Facial wash, serums, moisturizers, even collagen supplements: name it, I’ve probably tried it.


Unfortunately, this also means that I tend to accumulate a few bottles of barely-used stuff in my bathroom cabinet. That’s quite inevitable when you’re trying to find out which ones work for you, and which ones don’t.


Even before KonMari was all the rage, I despaired over what to do with my excess skin care haul. It would be such a waste to throw them away, after all, especially since they could benefit someone else.


So, when I came across an article on a non-profit organization that lets you donate such, it only felt right to share it here.


Donating to The Foundation Foundation- Philippines

Donating to The Foundation Foundation- Philippines  

Recently, the aforementioned group went viral for accepting new and gently-used cosmetics and self-care products as donations. The Christian volunteer group aims to give these to survivors of sex-trafficking and exploitation, to help them heal through self-care.


Thus, the Foundation Foundation accepts the following self-care items as donations:

  1. Gently-used color cosmetics. Barely-used powder blushes and eyeshadow palettes that have only been opened in the past six months, and with no pan showing;
  2. New and/or slightly-used shampoos and conditioners.If you’ve used a bottle once or twice, that’s fine too;
  3. Lotion. These can either be unopened or with ¾ remaining content for 60 ml upwards;
  4. Sanitary items like napkins and/or toilet paper. Obviously, these donations should be unopened and unused.
  5. Unopened lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. The Foundation Foundation only accepts unused and unopened cosmetics in this category since these are applied to the eyes and lips.

How Can Make-Up and Skincare Assist Victims With Healing?

How Can Make-Up and Skincare Assist Victims With Healing_  

Until very recently, people regarded make-up and skincare as mere instruments of vanity. Why fuss over your appearance if you’ve got a good heart and mind, right?


Obviously, those two things are still paramount. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with feeling good or confident about yourself either, yes?


“We strive to empower people, especially victims of rape, trafficking, abuse, and poverty by emphasizing the importance of self-care and self-love through providing them [with] daily essentials such as make-up, toiletries, and skincare products,” The Foundation Foundation wrote on one Facebook post.


Plus, taking care of yourself is key to recovery in any traumatic situation. Not only does it help you heal physically, but it also reinforces your self-worth. Taking time out for self-care means your body, mind, and heart are worthy of respect and love, regardless of what happened to you in the past.


As a woman, I can testify to just how empowering improving your appearance can be. Seeing yourself put-together or even just being all neat and tidy can do wonders for your confidence. This is why many of us refer to make-up as war paint. Facing the world and the day’s challenges simply feel quite a bit easier with it on.


Furthermore, make-up and skincare empower us to present ourselves in the way we want to. There is something invigorating about being able to decide which facet of your personality to highlight on a certain day, rather than someone telling you who you are and what to be.


Thus, the Foundation Foundation’s advocacy is certainly worth supporting or at least considering, not least because we’re celebrating women this month.


To donate or to request further details, you may contact them at

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