You Can Now Apply For Brisbane’s Mobile Passport Mission in September

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: All information contained herein is derived from official advisory materials released by the Philippine Embassy in Australia as of press time. Details may change without prior notice, and readers may get in touch with the Embassy directly for further inquiries and concerns.


As I write this, it’s 9 July 2019. The Philippine Embassy in Australia has just announced that they are now accepting applications for the Mobile Consular Mission to Brisbane, Queensland. There are currently 640 slots available, and the details for the upcoming event are as follows:


Date: 9-13 September 2019 (Monday to Friday)


Time: 8 AM to 5 PM daily




Like all the previous mobile passport missions, attendees may only avail of two consular services at the event. These are passport applications and the administration of the oath of allegiance to dual citizenship petitioners.


Securing An Appointment

Securing an Appointment

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Due to the limited data capture equipment onsite, the Embassy will not be accepting walk-ins. It would be best to avail of an appointment via the following procedure:

  1. Send the pertinent requirements by post to: Philippine Embassy, 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600. The Embassy will NOT accept email applications.
    1. Those applying for passports or renewing their travel documents should include the following in their mailed applications. One set of these documents will suffice:

      1. A duly-accomplished ePassport Application Form (which you can download here), accompanied by copies of your current passport’s and Australian visa’s data pages;

      2. Additional requirements for those who fall into any of the categories below:

      3. infographics for mobile passport mission article
    2. Successful dual citizenship applicants should complete the list of requirements indicated here prior to the event’s oath-taking ceremonies. Only those with approved applications and confirmed appointments may take the oath during the mobile mission. You may email the Embassy at to set an appointment.


      Dual citizenship candidates who also want to apply for a Philippine passport should still apply for a slot. They can do this by submitting the applicable requirements from the previous item on this list.

  3. Wait for an email from the embassy confirming your appointment. The Embassy has an auto-reply message in place for all emails received, but this is NOT a confirmation email. The latter should contain both the day and time of your appointment slot, as well as any applicable fees. You should receive it no later than 12 August 2019, provided that you submitted the complete requirements.

  5. In case you receive no confirmation of your appointment, you can either check your spam folder or email to follow up.


ePassports From Adelaide’s Mobile Mission Last May Now Ready For Release

ePassports From Adelaide’s Mobile Mission

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In the meantime, those who lodged their applications during Adelaide’s mobile mission last May can now claim their passports. You may do so by mailing or posting the following to the Philippine Embassy (see prior section for the complete address) via registered post/express post platinum:

  1. Original old/current Passport;

  2. Photocopy of Official Receipt;

  3. Self-addressed prepaid Registered Post/Express Post Platinum return envelope.


The Embassy will be cancelling the old passport and mailing it back with the new one. Once you receive this, update the Department of Immigration and Border Protection so they can link your new passport details with your visa.


Lastly, if you are not feeling well on the day of the event, it’s best to sit it out for yours and the general public’s sake. There is one more mobile mission coming up for the year and we’ll post details here once they are available. Simply subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop.

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