Yes, Choc-Nut Spread Exists and Here’s Where You Can Get Some

What’s one confession that would get your Filipino card revoked? In my case, it’s simply this: I don’t like Choc-Nut. (And Spam too, actually, but I digress.)


*cue collective gasp*


Yeah, I’m not a fan of the nutty, chocolatey bricks in red and white wrappers. I simply don’t enjoy the chocolate and peanuts combo, but I’m clearly in the minority here.




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You see, Choc-Nut is a Filipino institution, sort of like banana ketchup. Like the latter, it’s a bastardized version of items typical of its category. Choc-Nut, as it turns out, is made with crushed peanuts, cocoa powder (not actual chocolate in my book), and cane sugar.


These sweet treat crumbles at the slightest touch, giving it a textural delicacy. Its nuttiness is also akin to peanut butter, with a more-ish quality that leaves many Filipinos hard-pressed to stop at just four pieces (the recommended serving size).


Little wonder then that Choc-Nut is up there in the nation’s top five favorite candies. And if you happen to tire of eating it as it is, some of the finest culinary talents have come up with different iterations of the stuff. There’s Choc-Nut Martini, Choc-Nut Ice Cream, Choc-Nut Pie, and now, Choc-Nut Spread.


Move Over, Nutella.

Move Over, Nutella

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Yep, you read that right. A spreadable version of your favorite childhood treat now exists, which you can enjoy on toast, cakes, and pretty much anything your chubby little heart desires.


Amarise Sweets, an online confectionery, is currently its exclusive distributor. More interestingly, the aforementioned company’s owner is part of the family that ACTUALLY OWNS CHOC-NUT. So, this stuff’s legit, guys.


That’s not all. Amarise Sweets also plans to come out with other Choc-Nut-heavy treats. Cupcakes and Choc-Nut-flavored mousse are apparently in the pipeline.


Interested? As of this writing, Choc-Nut Spread retails at Php70 (about AUD2) per jar. A box of 30, meanwhile, costs Php2,000 (AUD55), which isn’t too shabby if you feel like binging yourself into a sugar crash sharing.


For orders and further information, you can check out Amarise Sweets here.

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