Year of the Earth Dog 2018: Why Do We Have Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is here! Are you ready to celebrate?


Yes! The Chinese celebrate New Year not only on January 1 but also a couple of weeks after it.


This is a history-long tradition held by the ancient Chinese. Before adopting the Gregorian calendar introduced by the Westerners, they follow the Lunar Calendar to guide their days and festivities.


According to the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year happens on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This falls between January 21 to February 19th of the year. That explains the changing “New Year” date every year.


Chinese New Year! What to expect?


Are you ready to celebrate? This is the most important event in the Chinese community. Every year, an animal in the Chinese Zodiac represents it. Now, it is the Year of the Earth Dog.

  Chinese New Year! What to expect?  

The dog is an independent, sincere, loyal, and decisive creature. They are not afraid of challenges in life. Overall, they have good relationships around them. This may dictate the mood of our lives this encompassing 12 months.


For this year, it would be a good time for your finances, but a bit challenging for your health. It is the best time to be extra careful of your well being by exercising and eating healthy. Check this link for 2018 predictions based on your Zodiac sign.


Tradition and Superstitions


Like this 12 Filipino New Year’s Eve Superstitions8 Popular Chinese New Traditions) are similar with Filipino practices like Cleaning your Houses to sweep away bad luck and ghosts.


To further help you, these are some to-dos to prepare for this coming year:


Settling Disagreements and Paying Off Debts

Settling Disagreements and Paying Off Debts

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For one, settling disagreements and paying off debts are a priority for this Chinese New Year. A fresh start breaks the negative cycle. Without debt and emotional baggage, you will surely have a harmonious 2018.


Wear Red and Avoid Black

Wear Red and Avoid Black

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A dress code is always a must for 2018. For luck to fall in your place, you must wear all things red. Red symbolizes good fortune. And forget your goth and emo look for this holiday, black is associated with bad luck and death. You certainly don’t want that in 2018.


Eat Dumplings and Noodles. Never Cut the Noodles while Eating

  Eat Dumplings and Noodles. Never Cut the Noodles while Eating  

Eating is part of our culture. The highlighted dish for luck and long life are dumplings and noodles. Eating dumplings on New Year’s Day is known to give good luck to the family. It is best paired with noodles to give you a long life to enjoy that prosperity.


But remember, don’t cut the noodles while eating. It is believed to be for the additional continuous flow of life.


Give and Receive Tikoy

Give and Receive Tikoy

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Did you ever receive “Tikoy” from your Chinese friends?


This belief stemmed from Chinese mythology. Annually, the Kitchen God goes back to the Jade Emperor before the start of the year to report the activities of the past period. The stickiness of the glutinous rice is deemed to hinder the Kitchen God from telling negative things about the family that offered him the treat.


It is believed to give luck in the coming year. If you want to save and still shower your loved ones Tikoys, you can even prepare your very own Tikoy at home with this easy recipe.




Some say your New Year starts not on January but on February. January is just a buffer to start your year right. That’s why now is NOT the time to give up on your New Year’s Resolutions. Saving More, Being on Time, Better Diet, Curbing Shopping Addiction, you name it! It can all be done.


The tips above are just guides. It will only give you a clue on how to win 2018. But this will not dictate your whole future. After all, our efforts ultimately brings us good luck.


If you miss the January kickoff, you have Chinese New Year to save your self-renewing goals. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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