Worried About the Mindanao Earthquake Victims? Here are Top Ten Orgs You Can Donate To

October has been a rough month for Mindanao, particularly for Cotabato. Three consecutive earthquakes hit Tulunan, one of the province’s municipalities, on October 16, 29, and 31, with each one registering above a magnitude of 6.


According to the latest update, at least 17 people are dead. The quakes also injured hundreds and displaced thousands, including those who were residing in nearby areas. In addition, tens of thousands of houses sustained permanent damages, along with four public structures and one commercial establishment. 


Therefore, it is more important than ever to stand in solidarity with our Mindanaoan brothers and sisters. Should you wish to donate cash or goods, here are the top ten institutions receiving donations on their behalf:


  1. Philippine Red Cross. 
  2. 1-Philippine Red Cross

    Image Credit: wikipedia


    The Philippine chapter of this humanitarian organization is hereby accepting cash donations via the following channels:



    Peso Savings: 00-453-0190938

    Dollar Savings: 10-453-0039482

    Swift Code: BNORPHMM



    Peso Savings: 4991-0036-52

    Swift Code: BOPIPHMM



    Peso Savings: 151-7-151524342

    Dollar Savings: 151-2-151002182

    Swift Code: MBTCPHMM






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    Of course, cash isn’t the only thing you can contribute presently. If you seek to donate in kind, for instance, The National Alliance of Women has organized drop-off points for these. Currently, they have three locations accepting such donations:


    Lingap GABRIELA Office

    SATU Building, Blk. 73, Lot 11,

    Don Mariano Marcos Avenue,

    North Fairview, QC


    GABRIELA Women’s Party Office

    #25 K-10 St., West Kamias,

    Quezon City (near Nepa-Q Mart)


    GABRIELA National Office

    #35 Sct. Delgado,

    Brgy. Laging Handa,



    Otherwise, you may course your cash donations through their Chinabank account:

    Lingap Gabriela Inc.

    Acct. no. 105002008935

    Swift code CHBKPHMM


  5. UPV College of Management Student Council.
  6. 3-UPV College of Management Student Council

    Image Credit: USCUPV Facebook


    The University of the Philippines-Visayas Student Council is currently organizing a donation drive for the earthquake victims. Thus, from 4-8 November, donors may drop off their goods into the donation boxes at the school’s main gate in front of Iloilo Doctors Hospital.


    Otherwise, (e.g., if you prefer to donate in cash), you may get in touch with Kyrus Macul (09560841693) or Rjay Gabuya (09478015723).


  7. Caritas Manila, Inc.
  8. 4-Caritas Manila, Inc

    Image Credit: Caritas Manila, Inc. Facebook


    According to the Diocese of Kidapawan’s assessment, the earthquake victims need the following the most: shelter sheets, food, blankets, flashlights and rechargeable batteries, toiletries, and medical kits. Thus, the Caritas Manila office is accepting such donations at 2002 Jesus St. Pandacan, Manila.


    Alternatively, you can donate cash either online or through any of Caritas’ bank accounts:


    Banco De Oro – Savings Account No.: 5600-45905

    Bank of the Philippine Islands – Savings Account No.: 3063-5357-01

    Metrobank – Savings Account No.: 175-3-17506954-3


  9. Gawad Kalinga.
  10. 5-Gawad Kalinga

    Image Credit: Gawad Kalinga Facebook


    Likewise, Gawad Kalinga is accepting donations via the following:


    PHP Current Account # 3101 0977 56

    Gawad Kalinga

    BPI EDSA Greenhills


    US$ Savings Account # 3104 0162 34

    Gawad Kalinga

    BPI EDSA Greenhills (Swift code: BOPIPHMM)


    Firstly, be sure to scan the deposit slip and take note of the transaction number. Secondly, email your name, date of deposit, amount, and BPI branch to partnerships@gawadkalinga.com. Lastly, don’t forget to indicate that the donation is for the North Cotabato Earthquake victims. 


  11. Ateneo de Davao University.
  12. 6-Ateneo de Davao University

    Image Credit: addu.edu.ph


    Similarly, Davao’s Ateneo University is calling for cash donations to help aid all those affected by the recent earthquakes. Their bank accounts are as follows:


    Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 

    Ateneo de Davao University




    Banco De Oro (BDO)

    Ateneo de Davao University




    To facilitate proper monitoring and accounting, donors should always email the deposit slip scans to finance@addu.edu.ph and uceac@addu.edu.ph afterwards. 


  13. University of Southern Mindanao (USM).
  14. 7-University of Southern Mindanao (USM)

    Image Credit: USMSHS Facebook


    Located in Kabacan, North Cotabato, USM is accepting donations via the Alumni Home. As per their official Twitter account, they will also organize a relief distribution subsequently and speedily.


  15. UP Diliman University Student Council.
  16. 8-UP Diliman University Student Council

    Image Credit: USCUP Diliman


    Given how the other university student councils are mobilizing, it’s no surprise that the country’s most prominent state university is doing the same. Hence, UP Diliman’s student council is receiving relief goods donations at the USC Office at Sampaguita Residence Hall.


    Interested parties may contact Marco Dava at 09171084376.


  17. Save the Children Philippines. 
  18. 9-Save the Children Philippines

    Image Credit: savethechildren.org.ph


    This organization recently mobilized volunteers to provide child-friendly spaces and temporary learning spaces for all the displaced children in Davao del Sur and North Cotabato. Furthermore, they are supplying schools with water kits so that kids and teachers alike have access to safe hygiene practices.


    If you wish to contribute financial support to their endeavors, click here


  19. World Vision Philippines.
  20. 10-World Vision Philippines

    Image Credit: worldvision.org.ph


    Apart from providing a platform for people to support scholars, World Vision Philippines is also accepting cash donations for Mindanao’s quake victims:














    Online Donations:



As of this writing, we have about 50 days to go before the holidays. Instead of blowing our Christmas budget on extravagant presents, perhaps we can put a little bit towards alleviating the suffering of our stricken countrymen, yes?

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