Why Should You Watch the First Filipino Netflix Original Film “Dead kids”

There’s a new film on Netflix and it’s the talk of the town. The “Dead kids” made history for being first-ever Filipino Netflix original film. It was finally released to the public this December and got a lot of good reviews from viewers.


The film was directed by Mikhail Red, who began his career making shorts in 2008 with Kamera. He is also the director of the stunning movies like Birdshot, Neomanila, and Eerie. 


The film, Dead kids tells the story of a simple and quiet teenager who became friends with the group of troubled misfits. Since they were all bullied by their rich and arrogant classmate, they decided to kidnap him and ask for a ransom from his father. 


If you’re still undecided about whether to watch it or not, well, here are the top 3 reasons why should you watch the film, Dead kids.


It was inspired by True Events

It is inspired by True Events

Image source: statusmagonline.com


Believe it or not, the film is based on the kidnapping of a 19-year-old student last 2018. He was kidnapped by the students at his school, who demanded P30 million from his family.


According to an article, the victim was waiting for a bus when he was snatched into a Toyota Innova and tied up.


It doesn’t Sugarcoat and Shows the Reality

It doesn’t sugarcoat and shows the reality

Image source: dailydot.com


Dead kids is not your typical thriller film. It shows what life is. How unfair, how stupid, and how impulsive people are. There are also some funny parts and some parts that you should understand on your own. It shows that society’s treatment will always depend on your social status.


It’s not a film where it gives you all the information, it’s a film where you’ll be asking yourself a lot of questions.


It has a Great Cast

It has a great cast

Image source: sunstar.com.ph


A film would be dead if it doesn’t have great actors. Dead Kids is one of those films who opened opportunities to new acting talents. It gave spotlights to new actors and proved that Filipinos are impressive actors. 


The main characters were played by Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, Markus Paterson, Vance Larena, Kelvin Miranda, Jan Silverio, and Gabby Padilla. They may be new to your ears but these young actors made the film worth it to watch.


Filipinos in the film industry are doing a pretty good job for the past few years. It’s great seeing that we still excel when it comes to writing and directing films. And that we, Filipinos, are now recognized internationally for producing quality films.




Feature Image Source: youtube.com, netflix.com, freepik.com

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