Which is Essential: Money or Job Satisfaction?

If you’ve been working for years, you may probably figure out that you can’t make everything perfect. When you step out from your comfort zone and enter the adulting phase, that’s the time when you need to ask yourself, am I here for the money or for the job satisfaction?


I’m not saying that you can’t have both but most of the people are having trouble with their jobs because it doesn’t give them any satisfaction while others are not happy because of their low salary.


Which of these situations do you prefer? A toxic workplace with a huge-income offer? Or in a nice and happy workplace with a low-income offer?


Would you risk yourself in a toxic workplace just to have a lot of money?




A busy mom with her child and a woman who is working hard


Then I salute you. You want to know why? Because I know that you’re not doing this for yourself… you’re doing this either for your parents or siblings or children.


When we turned into adults, it opened our eyes to see a new world. A world with a lot of responsibilities, not just do-your-homework kind but something that we SHOULD commit wholeheartedly.


Someone is depending on you that’s why your workplace doesn’t matter to you as long as you can provide the needs of your loved ones.


People who give up their own wants just to fulfill their responsibility as a parent, son/daughter, sibling, wife/husband are the people who have the purest heart. Kudos to you guys!


If NO…


Women working happily


Then you’re one brave soul. Why? Because you don’t care about the money as long as you’re doing what you want. You wanted to surround yourself with good people and positive vibes because you don’t have time for negativity.


You choose a nice workplace because you believe that it will make you more productive, you love mornings because you are not forced to get up every single day.


As the saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


All of us must choose one path and what we can do is to make that path the best for us. We can’t make everything perfect but we can change our perspective and make things perfect for us.


Whether you aim for the money or job satisfaction, as long as you know your purpose then you won’t regret anything for your life. Make your soul shine and make your own happiness because it’s already in your hands.


“Do not find the happy life, you make it.” – Thomas S. Monson

Samantha Baluyot

Sam joined Remit this 2018. She is a Journalism graduate who loves to see the world in different point of views. Her goal in writing is to inspire her readers to have a better perspective and to live a meaningful life. She may look aloof but she’s a very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.


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