What’s the Buzz on PITX?

The Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange, the country’s first integrated and multi-modal terminal that opened last November 2018.


But the terminal that should’ve helped the commuters to have a hassle-free trip became the reason for delays.


To give you a brief background on what I’m saying, here are some reviews from their Facebook page:


PITX Review from their Facebook Page


To everyone who lives on the south side, like me, commuting is a part of our daily lives. It’s like we were born to commute every single day and PITX? It actually didn’t help at all.


Okay, let’s not blame PITX everything. I’ve been there and as I have observed this project has some good sides. For example:

  • Fast and Free Wi-Fi Service
  • LGBTQ Friendly Comfort Rooms
  • Well-ventilated Place
  • Good Ambiance
  • Provides Trolley and Wheelchairs
  • Has Charging Spots

This terminal may look perfect but what makes the travelers react negatively is the service when it comes to buses. To be honest, I’ve seen the efforts of some of their employees but what causes the delays are the lack of communication between the buses and PITX.


Bus schedules are not stabled at all. We’re supposed to go to Nasugbu last Saturday and they do have a 9 PM schedule when we arrived (it was flashed on the TV screen).

Bus Schedule in PITX

Image Credit: topgear.com.ph


Exactly, 9 PM there’s still no sign of any bus. The Nasugbu schedule was changed to “delayed” so we thought that there’s still a bus coming. After 30 minutes the Nasugbu trip was removed on the screen. It was my first time there so I’m a bit confused, there’s no announcement about the status of the bus.


10 PM, still no bus and no announcements. People are getting cranky, even me. After some few minutes, a bus came but sadly it was only bound to Tagaytay. We have no choice but to take the ride and hoped that we’ll catch a bus to Nasugbu there.


Did it make our travel easier? Nope. Not at all.


One more thing that I’m concerned about is their ticketing booth. Yes, looks fancy alright. So the process is you’ll fall in line choose your seat number then they’ll give you the ticket then you’ll pay inside the bus. Sounds good, right?

PITX's ticketing booth

Image Credit: angelotheexplorer.com


But in reality? Those seat numbers are not followed. And what’s funnier is according to a PITX staff, they are not responsible if the seat number were not followed because it’s the bus conductor’s responsibility. So what’s the purpose of their ticketing booth if they can’t communicate with the bus conductors?


I mean, why should I fall in line to get a seat number if that seat number is not followed inside the bus? Enlighten me, please.


PITX Facebook Review


So there, that’s everything that I’ve experienced inside PITX. It was a good project, to be honest, but I’d rather wait and fall in line in a bus terminal without any air conditioner, (at least I’m sure that there’s a bus coming) than to wait inside a nice, comfortable, air-conditioned terminal without any assurance that there’s a bus to take me home.

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