What’s So Special About the South Bank Parklands’ Grand Arbour?

You’ve probably read about the Grand Arbour here on our blog. It just happens to be one of the South Bank Parkland’s foremost attractions, so it was impossible to write about the latter without mentioning the architectural marvel.


What’s so special about the South Bank’s Grand Arbour that it merits its own article?


For starters, it’s so pretty (I know that makes me sound like a five year-old obsessed with unicorns, but bear with me here). Imagine a kilometer-long structure made out of gracefully-soaring metal trellises that look lighter than air.


Now, add several trains of magenta bougainvillea plants creeping along this same refined cable trellis system. On a beautiful spring day, you can bet that the entire structure is engulfed in lush, green leaves and purple-pink blossoms in full bloom. Doesn’t that just sound oh-so-lovely?


Image Credit: CAUT


And as with almost anything that takes your breath away, the Grand Arbour is a sheer triumph of blending horticulture with architecture. Designed by Melbourne’s renowned architectural firm, Denton Corker Marshall, this walkway connecting the Griffith Film School to the Cultural Forecourt is composed of a total of 443 steel tendrils.


Yet while the flowers are allowed and even encouraged to spread all over the structure, the park has assigned gardening staff to trim the arbour’s living walls. Between that and the atmospheric mood lighting in the evenings, the blooming arbour is kept looking its best throughout the seasons.


The Grand Arbour doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose, however. It provides shelter from the sun’s heat during the summer, which is great for tourists who are passing through and for runners who like to do laps around the surrounding park lands.


Image Credit: Jellibat


The wires on which the flowers grow are sometimes even used to hang paintings or other similar works that figure in art exhibitions. Best of all, lots of market stalls avail of the arbour’s shade so that shoppers can browse their wares in comfort.


Should you want to experience the beauty of the South Bank Parklands’ Grand Arbour for yourself, entrance to the South Bank Parklands is free, and the space is open everyday from dawn till dusk.

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