What was it Like to be a Pinoy Kid in the ’90s?

For sure, once you’ve read the title of this article you’ll automatically say, “today’s kids are very different than the kids in the ’90s”.


And of course, you are correct. The ’90s is the time where kids have explored and enjoyed their childhood, where they play under the sun and don’t even care about being sweaty at all.


It is the time where the afternoon is the best part of the day because it means that you can go outside and play, no internet will hinder you to socialize with real people.


So, what was it like to be a ’90s kid in the Philippines? How do they live every day? Are they bored because there’s no internet? Here’s the answer…


Playing Outside is a Must


When you’re a ’90s kid, playing outside is a necessity. This is the time when you build your friendship with your neighbor, cousins, and even your siblings.


And without knowing, playing outside also taught us discipline and responsibility. How? Well, the ’90s is also the time where kids are required to sleep in the afternoon and if you’re too hardheaded to sleep, you will be prohibited to play outside.


So, whether you’re sleepy or not, you have to lay in the Banig with your siblings and pretend to sleep just so you can go outside.


TV Programs are Educational

Educational TV Program during the 90s in the Philippines

Image Credit: clairedelfinmedia.com


Batibot, Hiraya Manawari, Sineskwela, Wansapanataym, ATBP (Awit, Titik, at Bilang na Pambata), and Bayani. These are the iconic TV shows in the ’90s.


These show does not only provide entertainment, but it also gives knowledge and trivia to children. From numbers, science experiments, Philippine history, values, and virtues these shows did not fail to make the ’90s kids smarter and ethical.


Improvised Toys and Games

Pinoy kids playing tumbang preso with their improvised toys (slippers and tin can)

Image Credit: photoawards.ph


Luksong Baka, Tumbang preso, Patintero, Chinese garter, Tagu-taguan, and Piko, who needs expensive toys if you can make one?


90s kids are very resourceful. Nothing can stop them from having fun even if they have no money to buy toys. Imagine, a 90s kid can turn rubber bands into Chinese garters, rocks can be used as chalks to draw their Piko base. Marbles, a tin can, and a slipper can be an instant toy.


And it taught us that happiness is not based on money or any expensive stuff. Happiness is having friends and living in the moment while you can.


Early Life of Computers


Early Life of Computers


When computers are presented to the 90s kids, we instantly felt like an expert when saving our files in a diskette, and became painters by simply drawing random circles on Paint and fill them with different colors.


3D Pinball Space Cadet is one of the best games even if doesn’t require much of movements and thinking, WordArt designs are the hardest thing to decide, family computer is a requirement in a family, and monitors are H.U.G.E!


Yup, the struggles in the ’90s.


Cartoons and TV shows are the BEST


Best cartoons and TV shows in the 90s


This is the favorite part of the 90s kids, Ghost Fighter, Flame of Recca, Dragon Ball, Mojaco, Akazukin Cha Cha, Masked Rider, Voltes V, Oka Tokat, Zenki, Ranma ½, and many more.


The greatness of these shows is explainable that your inner child may have shriek a little when you read their titles. For sure, you’re now reminiscing every episode and somehow search them and feel nostalgic about it. Good old days…


Wild Imaginations

Wild Imaginations

Image Credit: pinoyexchange.com


Lastly, 90s kids are known for their wild imaginations. For instances, they can turn a plain rubber band into a star, a double star, a house, and a butterfly. They can also turn plants into food and pretend that they’re cooking.


Pillows can be houses and shields, and you can’t step on floor lines cause you’ll be dead. Sewing machines can be cars, and electric fans can be microphones. Wild.


Being a Pinoy kid in the 90s is the best thing that anyone can experience, we learned a lot in our childhood even if we’re not aware of it. And thanks to those experience, we became the person that we are today.


Real friendship and real happiness, that’s what being a Pinoy 90s kid is all about.

Samantha Baluyot

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