What to Know Before Moving to Tasmania


Tasmania or “Tassie” is an island state of Australia. It is located 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland, separated by the Bass Strait.


Traditionally, Tasmania’s main industries have been mining, agriculture, forestry, and tourism. But in today’s time, the fertility of its land leads Tasmania to fame for its fine foods and cuisines, especially high-quality cheeses, wines, and chocolate.


Many people wonder, is Tasmania a good place to settle down and start a family? Well, before packing your bags, here are the things that you should know before moving to Tasmania.


Where in Tasmania will you move to?

Where in Tasmania will you move to

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You have two choices in Tasmania, you can move to live closer to the main city or choose a rural lifestyle.


The benefit of living closer to the main city is the travel time to work is shorter. But even so, rush hours really don’t create traffic unlike in other states of Australia.


While if you choose a rural lifestyle, expect that the commuting distance will be longer but the ambiance in your place is worth it. This is recommended to people who love a simple and relaxing lifestyle.


What to expect in Tasmania?

What to expect in Tasmania

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Traffic? What traffic? The best thing that you could imagine in Tasmania is that there is no traffic congestion. In fact, you can drive to different towns within half an hour.


Tasmania is also a haven for people who love outdoors. Hiking, fishing, breathtaking views, vintage places, and rich history if you’re into these then better pack your bags now.


How will you earn an income in Tasmania?

How will you earn an income in Tasmania

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Settling down to other states means looking for another job. But thanks to the internet, there are easy ways to find new work. You can visit www.seek.com.au for job opportunities in Tasmania. If you want to apply for government jobs, you can visit www.jobs.tas.gov.au.


There are also plenty of advertised jobs in The Mercury newspaper in Hobart. While The Examiner newspaper covers Launceston and the northern region and The Advocate newspaper covers Devonport and the northwest.


When will be a good time to move?

When will be a good time to move

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Of course, timing is important. It will be better if you already have applied for a job, and have a place to stay in. If you have children, it will be better to look for a school and prepare all the papers needed so they can transfer easier before the next school term starts.


What will our new life in Tasmania be like?

What will our new life in Tasmania be like

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Honestly, your new life in Tasmania depends on how you handle it. You just need some time to adjust and look for activities that you can do with your family. You can also join groups with the same interest as you and have new friends.


Participate in your community and enjoy all the beautiful sceneries, food, arts, and wine. You will never know, moving to Tasmania might be the best choice that you will make.

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