What is International Student Visa Framework and How Can It Help You?

Australia is one of the world’s top destinations for international students.   Students often choose universities and education providers in Australia because of its cultural diversity, friendly people and of course, high quality education.   The Streamline Visa Processing   The relatively easy Australian visa process called the Streamline Visa Processing (SVP) for international students cuts visa processing time into almost half than normal visa processes making it a popular option for international students. This fact boosted the number of International students enrolled each year since it was implemented with their population increased at 11% higher than last year of the same period.   In fact, according to Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, “International education is Australia’s fourth largest export industry overall and our largest services export ahead of tourism” worth $16.3 billion last year, supporting 130,000 jobs all over the country.   Challenges surrounding the SVP   Unfortunately, non-genuine students are also on the rise. According to The Australian newspaper, 10, 949 student visas was cancelled between July 2014 to June 2015. Among those cancelled were from China with 1,793 cancellations followed by South Korea, India, Vietnam and Thailand.   In addition, a recent news about a Melbourne based college misusing student visas by falsely enrolling international students, creating falsified documents and not providing appropriate education. The “students” were working as contractors for a labour hire business instead. This caused the government to rethink the current visa process.   The New International Student Visa Framework   The government is improving the SVP into what they called Simplified International Student Visa Framework or SSVF. One objective of the revisions is to make things easier for education providers and the International student community.   According to Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, “the decision to simplify the international student visa framework is good news for our economy, our local communities and jobs and the vocational education and training (VET) international students here in Australia,” Senator Birmingham said.   Comparison of SVP and SSVF   So how does the current visa process differ from the simplified version?
Streamline Visa Processing (SVP) International Student Visa Framework (SSVF)
Education providers included Usually for Universities and Higher education providersVET and English language schools may only opt to join All universities, VET and English language schools included
Number of visa classes 8 types of international student visas 2 types of international student visas
Immigration risk assessment Uses Assessment Level (AL) framework SSVF will look into profile of students country and background of education provider
The SSVF will be implemented mid 2016 as the SVP expires June next year.   Pyne hopes that the move will improve the quality of education providers and the checks and balances on genuine student approvals. He believes that since the International education plays a big role in the country’s economy, the government should take appropriate measures to maintain the good reputation of the quality of education in Australia.   For more information on International Student Visas to Australia, you may visit the Australian Immigration website http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Stud   Special thanks to AustraliaChina.com.au for the main image.
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