Unleash Your Creativity and Express Your Love with These DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

February is the month of love and Valentine’s day is the time of the year where we express our love to our loved ones, family, and friends by giving gifts of appreciation.


Chocolates, stuffed toys, and flowers are the most expected gifts that you’ll give or receive. But if you want to be more creative and unique, you can try these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will make your Valentine’s day extra cheesy.


Witty Valentine’s Day Card

Witty Valentine's Day Cards

Image Credit: lovelyving.com


Why buy some greeting cards if you can make one? There’s no better way to express your feeling by making your own personalized greeting cards and say what your heart’s want to say.


It’s very easy and of course, cheesy! You can also write your personal message inside and tell them how special they are.


The Explosion Box

The Explosion Box

Image Credit: plus.google.com


One way to surprise your loved one is by making an explosion box. It may need a lot of effort and patience but this will surely make their hearts flows like a river!


You can put your first and recent photos, the first movie ticket that you’ve watched together, your favorite quotes, and many more. It may seem simple box on the outside but once it’s opened, love will surely explode in the air.


“Open When” Messages


“Open When” Messages


This DIY is recommendable to couples who are in a long distance relationship. This gift will make your loved one feel that you’re still by their side even if you’re miles away from them.


It’s good to read whenever you feel homesick, sad, or even when you’re having a bad day.


Jar of Love


Jar of Love


If you want to let your loved ones know how much you love him/her, you can give them the Jar of Love.


The mechanic is simple, every day he/she will get one and read the message written. This is good for long term partners so they won’t forget the reason why they loved each other and also to make their relationship stronger than ever.


Message in a Bottle


Message in a Bottle


Simple yet sweet. Do you want to express your love but you’re not good with long and flowery words?


The Message in a bottle is best for you because it is made for short and sweet messages. It is also easy to make if you’re not too crafty, all you need is a small bottle and your cheesiest pickup line!


This Valentine’s Day, let’s all remember that we can still express our love in our own simple ways. Love is not measured by the cost or size of your gifts because love is unmeasurable and has knows no limits.

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