Uncovering the Goodness of Puto Bumbong

Nothing screams Christmas to me louder than a batch of Pinoy delicacies. One purple delicacy that stole my father’s heart is Puto Bumbong. It is usually sold in the streets during Christmastime masses or Simbang Gabi.


For Aussie spouses who have recently been introduced to our culture, Puto Bumbong translates to steamed glutinous rice (i.e., Puto) cooked in bamboo (i.e., Bumbong). It is best served with sugar, butter, and freshly grated coconut. I cannot get enough of its goodness!


The introduction of a new food may pose several queries. It is my duty to answer these frequently asked questions one at a time.


Where Does Puto Bumbong Get Its Color?


As you may notice, its unique shade is eye-catching. You can either take the traditional route or the contemporary route. Traditionally, Puto Bumbong is made from a variety of glutinous rice called “Pirurutong“.


Pirurutong has a distinctly purple color. Some modern cooks use food coloring instead. I consider this cheating!


How Long Does It Take to Prepare One?


Cooking Puto Bumbong is a faster process compared to its preparation. Its elaborate preparation can occupy about three days of your week.


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Firstly, you must combine equal parts of Pirurutong and sweet rice. Soak it overnight. Secondly, you must grind the mixture in a blender. Lastly, you must place the mixture in a sack (i.e., cotton or flour sack) for a day to remove excess water.


Ask yourself if you have the necessary patience to complete these steps.


What Are the Required Ingredients?


As I searched through the massive wealth of resources in the Internet, I found a Puto Bumbong recipe that is quite simple. PinoyRecipe.net asks you to gather the following ingredients:


a. 400g of Glutinous Rice Flour,

b. 115g of Purple Yam Powder,

c. 2 and a half cups of Water,

d. Brown Sugar or Muscovado,

e. Grated Coconut,

f. Butter, and

g. Banana Leaves (for presentation).


How Do You Make This Dish?


Start by mixing the purple yam powder and glutinous rice flour together in a large bowl. Gradually add water to the mixture to make a dough. Knead it until you reach a smooth texture. Get at least 2 tablespoons of dough and roll it into a ball. Afterwards, roll the ball into a shape that is about 5 inches long.

Puto Bumbong

Image Credit: HangingRice Cebu


Spread butter in a heatproof plate and layer it with dough. Steam this for approximately 4 minutes until it is done. Drizzle the rolls with additional butter and shredded coconut. Lastlt, top it off with sugar.


Puto Bumbong is one of the most sought after Pinoy delicacies during Christmastime. You can get it now while attending the Simbang Gabi. Serve the dish to your family either in Australia or in the Philippines to fill their hearts and stomachs with glee.

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