Typhoon Supplies Checklist: How to Prepare for a Super Typhoon?

We are not new to typhoons. I mean we get them roughly twenty times a year. But after Super Typhoon Yolanda, we need to be prepared for the coming ones. It’s quite odd but typhoons nowadays are becoming “super”, and we don’t want to get “super” surprised when one knocks (or barges!) on our doorstep.


For today, another super typhoon named “Ompong” with international name “Mangkhut” is set to hit the Philippines.


It is currently approaching our country with winds of 205 kph and gusts of 255 kph. It is estimated to peak at 270 kph on Thursday making it the strongest typhoon of the year yet. It will leave millions of Filipinos at risk.


With another calamity in place, what should one prepare for?


At Least Three Days Supply of Non-Perishable Food and Camping Cooking Equipment

  At Least Three Days Supply of Non-Perishable Food and Camping Cooking Equipment  

I know you like your culinary meals. But in these trying times, sway away from your epicurean delight. It’s time to stock on Non-Perishable Food. As a rule of thumb, you must have at least three days supply of food.


For your supplies, buy canned goods, cup noodles, high-energy foods (i.e. peanut butter), biscuits, and etc.


Also, don’t skip on those disposable plates and utensils. Don’t forget to include camping cooking equipment just in case so that you can eat cooked canned food at least. You may not like its taste, but, for what it’s worth, you can still survive for the pleasures of tomorrow.


A Gallon of Drinking Water Per Person Per Day.

A Gallon of Drinking Water Per Person Per Day

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For a normal human, we can only survive 3 days without water. With this, it is imperative to also stockpile water supplies. The recommended amount is a gallon of water per person per day.


Save Clean Water


Aside from drinking water, you might want to fill up your pails and bathtub with clean water for sanitary and sewage purposes. You wouldn’t know what would happen with the water systems, especially in the Philippines. Better be safe and clean.




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It’s good to also fill your survival kit with medication. The roads might not be passable on the height of the typhoon. A sudden sickness might be easily treated but the circumstances might make it deadly. Stash them just in case.


If you also have prescription medication, better have them stocked as well.


Prepare a Survival Kit


Aside from the ones above, you must also have a survival kit. You should have the necessary tool in case of an emergency. Prepare the following:

First Aid Kit
Insect Repellant
Clothing for Three Days
Mobile Phone with Important Phone Numbers
Utility Knife
Can Opener
Matches or Lighters
Trash Bags
Bleach and Soap
Water Purification Tablets

Now that you have the tools, let’s talk about your housing…


Check Your Home Windows, Doors, and Roof

  Check Your Home Windows, Doors, and Roof  

If you have prepared all of the above, it’s now time to check your house. Are your windows, doors, and roof in reinforced working conditions? Do you think it can stand some wind and leaking water?


It’s time to do some house fixing. The typhoon might not hit your house hard. But that broken window or leaky roof might provide some inconveniences. Or worse, might even lead to big accidents like water leaking to your electrical appliances.


Check your Elevation Level


You might now be protected from the above but a typhoon can also induce flooding. Check your area. This might be common sense, but check if you’re prone to flooding. You know what to do. Just leave the place for now.


Evacuate if Necessary


For some reason, people might be attached to their personal belongings. I know that this is your ancestral home and you don’t want to be apart from it. But, do you want to really be in danger with it?


If the local government tells you to evacuate, please evacuate. Be ready with your survival kit above and let’s just hope for the best. Stay safe.

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