Trevor’s Australia Story


This post is an entry from Life in Australia Story Writing Contest by Trevor Williams.


I am not Filipino. However, I am a resident of Australia and my reason for sending funds to the Philippines has to do with the work that my wife and I do in Bacolod City.




We went to the Philippines 5 years ago and we expected to just visit the children we sponsored through Compassion International. Yet we realized that we wanted to keep working to fund the Livelihood Centre and to support the staff we employed to run the centre as we considered them our Filipino family. Just like that, all thoughts of retirement were wiped from our minds and our lives were never the same again.


Livelihood Centre


Working in another culture has been a real journey for us, and we have learned so much from our mistakes and successes. It has been so rewarding to witness people learn to bring themselves out of poverty through small business loans, university and TESDA scholarships, as well as crucial skills training programs that will help them get employment, start a business, or just be better parents or citizens.

  MALIPAI Team  

This mission has become the joy of our lives. We want to grow this work to other parts of the Philippines and do what we can to make a difference in the lives of more and more beautiful Filipinos.

Rica J

I am a mother, a wife and a technology loving Filipina who loves reading hi-fiction books (dragons!) , good stories, dancing, laughter, lying on the grass and eating balut. I am born and raised in the Philippines and now resides in Australia but finds myself in the Philippines for at least 3 months a year. I am part of the Filipino Australian Community and have been living between Australia and the Philippines since 2007.


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