Travelling Essentials: What Every Carry-On Luggage Should Have

Travelling can be such a pain, especially if you don’t have the essentials that you need.   Regardless of whether it’s for your flight from Australia to the Philippines, or for your vacation from one island to another, the contents of your hand luggage can dictate how comfortable and seamless your travel would be.

  Because of this, we’ve put together a list of all the stuff you need in your hand luggage so that you won’t miss out on anything the next time you travel.
      • A pen


You may need to fill out a few forms as you travel from one place to another, and you won’t always have somebody who’s ready with one around you. Don’t always trust airport staff to lend you one either. Might as well stay on the safe side and bring your own.

    • Ear plugs


It’s not just for the drone of the plane as you fly higher than anything else. It’s also for all the other noise inside the plane, like the excited chatter of the group of friends across the aisle, or the wailing of the hungry baby at the back of the plane.

If you think these aren’t enough, then go ahead and invest in noise-cancelling ear buds. Those are perfect if you want this trip to be as relaxing as it can be the moment you step on the plane.

    • Lip balm and some lotion


The pressurized cabin can be very drying, especially if it promises to be a long flight. You wouldn’t want to start your vacation with cracked lips and dried up skin, right?


Protect yourself against dryness and arm yourself with lip balm and lotion to keep you moisturized through the trip. You can also bring a small water spray or mister so that you can cool yourself off every so often should you start feeling your skin drying up. Frequent spritzes would mean that you don’t have to run to the sink too often just to refresh yourself.

    • Identification and any other important documents


Although this is a basic travel rule, a lot of people still fail to follow it. Not only will you be needing your identification in checking in and passing through doors, you would also have to think about the worst-case scenario all the time.




What if your baggage gets misplaced? What if your baggage gets sent somewhere else? What if your baggage is mishandled and the stuff inside it ruined?


Your identification is something you’ll need wherever you go, and the safest place for it to be would be right within your reach.

    • Medication


If you have any medicine that you need to take regularly, make sure that you have it with you in your carry-on baggage. Again, this is one important thing that people always forget.


Sometimes, in the flurry of excitement surrounding the packing and travel preparations, people end up tossing their meds into their check-in luggage. When this happens, it could turn out very badly for you if your medicine is critical to your ability to travel.

    • Electronics and other valuables


It’s not that you don’t trust the airline and their crew. But you would have to admit that there have been one too many complaints about luggage being mishandled and about bags being opened when they’re checked in.




Save yourself from the what-ifs and the should-haves. Keep all electronics and other valuables with you at all times. Better yet, if you can survive the entire trip without it, just leave it at home.

    • Some toiletries and a change of clothes


Again, always prepare for the worst. Always think about what would happen should your checked in luggage gets lost. It would be such a hassle to go shopping for a change of clothes the moment you find out that your belongings are nowhere to be found. After all, everybody just wants to chill and take it easy for a bit after a long flight, and frantically shopping for stuff that you need would not allow you to do that.


Have a change of clothes with you and some toiletries (the right amount, that is) so that you can at least freshen up a bit before exploring the sights. You can always go shopping for more clothes once you’ve settled in and have gotten enough rest.

    • Something to keep you busy


A book, a music player, a portable gaming console – it doesn’t matter what it is. As long as it can keep you busy, take it with you. You may be hoping to get some shuteye while you’re on the place, but sometimes, things do not happen according to plan.


You may find yourself unable to sleep because of too much excitement, or you could end up not feeling sleepy at all once onboard. Having something that would keep you occupied would save you from the embarrassment of having to listen in on the conversation that’s happening around you out of lack of something to do.

    • Something to nibble on


You never know when your stomach is going to complain. Even if you ate a filling meal before your flight, hunger pangs are often unpredictable and could strike when you least expect it. Not all flights have food that you can eat however, especially if you’re on one of those quick domestic flights on any random budget airline.


Make sure you have something you can nibble on just to make your tummy settle down for a bit. Don’t wait until you get off the plane. You might find yourself ready to bite people’s heads off (literally and figuratively) if you do that.

  You can add a few more to this list, depending on how sensitive you can be and what kind of traveler you are. You can bring facial wipes, eye drops (if your eyes start feeling itchy because of the low humidity), eye mask (if you’re sensitive to light and need some shuteye), and everything else you might need (as long as you make sure it’s allowed).   With a complete carry-on luggage, you can make sure that you eliminate as much stress as you can from travelling, giving you more space for some real R & R.

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