Top Reasons Why Working From Home is Better


Any company would like to hire the best talent available and keep them happy at the same time.


Unfortunately, there are many cases where employee retention is very low. Employees reason burn out or getting better offers in another company.


Unless you are one of the fortune 500 companies who can pay a valued talent double or even triple what you can offer – then you have little chance to convince that person to stay.


Unless you have a secret weapon:


Lure them to work from home.


Working from home has many benefits for employees:


Environment friendly


The lesser cars on the road the better for the environment, right? One less person who needs to drive to work lessens our carbon footprint.


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Traffic adds to the stress that workers endure every single day. Working from home eliminates the need to commute and lessens the stress workers feel every day.


Fewer distractions


Sometimes being around co workers can be a distraction especially if all you end up doing most of the time is talk and gossip.


Although there is a possibility that people at home may become the distraction for people working at home. So you need to make sure that you hire someone with a spare room to be dedicated as a work space.


Fewer meetings


This is something that most employees dread – the long meetings that seem to drag for ages.


Working from home does not entirely remove meetings, but it usually makes the meetings less frequent and may be even shorter.


Less work-related stress


Working from an environment like your own home lessens stress. It also helps that you are not subjected to pressure, gossip and harassment that may sometimes happen in the office.


More family time


Instead of travelling to and from work, home based employees use the time to spend with their family instead.


Achieve work-life balance


It is easier to create a balance between work, social  and home life for people who work from home. However, there may be some cases where the line between home and office starts to blur.


As employers hiring remote staff lets you


Build company loyalty


Working from home is a dream. Not all people can afford it or is offered one.


Offering your employees this opportunity may be something that is difficult to resist for most.


Happy employees stay with their employers. They do not just abandon ship and leave you to work for someplace else.


Increase productivity

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Working from home eliminates travel time and other things that consume time while in the office.  Thus it allows more time for productive work.


Hire the best talent anywhere in the world


The moment you consider looking for employees outside of your local area or even outside the country, you are opening up to a bigger pool of talented individuals.


Your best employee may be somewhere on another state, island or on the other side of the globe. Relocation may not be the best option because it may be costly and it takes a lot of time to process (visa wise).


It could also be that you only need to hire someone part time. It would cost you less than paying a full time employee and it would be easy to get someone who fits your needs but has another full time job.


Get insights from all over the world


There is a possibility for you to learn about the market where your employee is at. It could give you an idea for an expansion, franchise or a brand new business to answer a growing need.


Save money


When you hire people from their own home, you do not need to spend on office rent. You do not need to but appliances and furniture like computers and desks and other facilities that companies usually need to make their employees comfortable and safe.


If you think you are ready to hire remotely or make your employees work from home, you do not have to go all out at once. Try it out first, it may not suit your management style – but if it does, you won’t be going back to the traditional way.


Besides, the technology is now available. Be one of the first businesses to take advantage of different technologies that will enable you to work with remote staff from virtually anywhere. There are several groups like us who can help you handle recruitment and lend the technology to make sure your employees are working productively. Also, paying staff in another country has never been easier.


Letting your staff work from home reaps a lot of benefits and it is a growing trend. Plus, staff when your staff works from home, this means you can work from your own home too.

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