Top 9 Cozy and Homey Airbnbs near Metro Manila


“Staycation” has become a popular term for the past years. In fact, in 2010 the word staycation was added to the Oxford English Dictionary since it’s often used by many.


To the people who are not aware of this term, a staycation is a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. 


Since Filipinos have recently appreciated the beauty of our own country, #travelgoals in the Philippines became a hit. But not all of us have the hearts (and energy) to travel and do extreme activities, some of us just want to take a chill and appreciate the views while drinking a hot cup of coffee. And that’s the reason why the term staycation was born.


I mean, come on, we are really tired adults and just want to relax on weekends. No hiking, no swimming, no ziplines, just coffee, bed, and a cozy ambiance. If you’re into staycations (like me) then you’ll probably enjoy this list of cozy and homey Airbnbs that you can rent during your free time.


Rustic Boho Chalet ★4.62

16+ guests | 3 bedrooms | 8 beds | 3 baths

Rustic Boho Chalet Amadeo Tagaytay

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If you wanted to get away from the city noise, this rustic boho chalet is one of the best choices to rent. It is located in the heart of Amadeo and Tagaytay. It is designed and built by the hosts and can occupy 16 guests and more.


The house features a huge loft with queen size beds, 6 bunk beds, and 1 single bed. A perfect getaway for you, your family or friends.


Location: Amadeo – Tagaytay

Price: ₱8,000 per night


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Best Beach & Scuba Diving ★4.74

6 guests | 3 bedrooms | 3 beds | 0 baths

Best Beach and Scuba Diving Manila

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You want to relax but your friends wanted to do some water sports? No worries, this house is just perfect for you guys.


The Best Beach & Scuba Diving offers water activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, wakeboarding, island hopping, and windsurfing.  While some of your friends enjoy these activities, you chill around and enjoy the perfect view.


Location: Mabini, Batangas

Price: ₱8,132 per night


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Your own Island in a Lake ★4.75

15 guests | 1 bedroom | 2 beds | 2 baths

Your own Island in a lake near Manila

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Want to breathe fresh air and be surrounded by nature? How about renting your own island in a lake? Yes, you read it right! You can enjoy your weekend in a simple and comfortable bungalow within a lake.


The house has one bedroom, a kitchen, and a spacious living room where you can relax and bond with your friends. 


Location: Cavinti, Laguna

Price: ₱3,800 per night


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Domescape – Glamping ★4.77

6 guests | 2 beds | 1 bath

Domescape - Glamping-01

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DOMESCAPE is the first of its kind here in the Philippines. Their geodesic dome is more than just a tent, the host wanted their guests to experience the comfort of staying in a luxury hotel with the great outdoors as its lobby. 


The Domescape is recommended to adventure seekers and nature lovers.


Location: Batangas

Price: ₱7,500 per night


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Coco’s Garden Guest Room ★4.81

3 guests | 1 bedroom | 2 beds |1 private bath

Coco's Garden Guest Room Manila

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Coco’s Garden Guest Room is a large accommodation in a quiet corner of the Paco District of Manila. The guest room has its own restroom, with a sink, toilet, and shower. The room is airconditioned, with access and use of the house’s kitchen, laundry, patio, and garden.


A perfect place to work and to somehow travel back in the past because of its vintage style.


Location: Paco, Manila

Price: ₱2,795 per night


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The Lake House ★4.86

12 guests | 9 bedrooms | 14 beds | 3.5 baths

The Lake House at Caliraya

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The Lake House is for groups of families and friends who would like to spend a quiet and relaxing weekend away from the city. It is surrounded by greenery and tall trees of the Caliraya Watershed which makes for a true nature experience.


The facilities run entirely on solar power so their guests are requested to be extra mindful of their power and water consumption. They do not allow rice cookers, thermal jugs, hairdryers and other appliances that will add to their current power output capacity.


This house may be pricey but it is definitely worth it.


Location: Caliraya, Laguna

Price: ₱20,000 per night


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The Private Camp ★4.88

16+ guests|1 bedroom | 3 beds | 1 bath

The Private Camp Daraitan

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The Private Camp is truly an adventurous experience, rustic and authentic right in the middle of Daraitan village life. It is a perfect place for nature lovers, travelers, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiast to have their own unique Native experience.


The hosts aim to make their guests experience the rawness of nature and have a slice of the authentic life of the natives, without compromising privacy and security.


Location: Daraitan, Tanay

Price: ₱4,499 per night


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Subic Green Tree House ★4.90

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 1 bed | 1 bath

Subic Green Tree House

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Perfect for a romantic getaway for couples who wanted to have a close encounter with nature. Expect the relaxing sounds of birds and cicadas around the area. The host will provide you with a double size mattress, some toiletries, linens, and towels.


Recharge yourself and detox all the negativity during the weekend in this treehouse.


Location: Subic Bay

Price: ₱2,500 per night


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Agta Nest Cozy Loft Apartment ★ 4.91

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 1 bed | 1 bath

Agta Nest Cozy Loft Apartment

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Want to unwind after a long trip or a hectic week in the city? The #AgtaNest is a cozy and clean apartment that you can rent to escape the toxic vibes.


It is an apartment in the rainforest 20 mins drive from Subic Bay, 5 mins to Subic airport, JEST, waterfalls, and beaches, and 10 mins to Treetop Adventure.


This staycation is ideal for couples, adventurers, triathletes, or business travelers looking for a quiet weekend, or a workspace with a view.


Location: Morong, Bataan

Price: ₱2,000 per night


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Being an adult means having a lot of responsibilities but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Go on a vacation, a staycation, or just rest for a day or two. Yes, we need to hustle to pay the bills but don’t forget to rest and take a break from all the stress.


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