Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Vivid Sydney 2017

One of the most anticipated events for this June is finally here. Vivid Sydney 2017, a fusion of ideas, music, and lights tantalize us this May 26 – June 17. With so many things lined up, you may find it almost impossible to enjoy all the attractions.


What’s good is that we have 23 nights to navigate the city’s changed landscape. For your convenience, we have listed down the must-see attractions in order of its proximity to each other.


1. Lights for the Wild

  Lights for the wild  

In the famous Taronga Zoo, frolic with your family in a display of captivating creatures in Lights for the Wild. It features an interactive display of sea creatures, even a life-sized luminous Port Jackson Shark. Be in awe with these wonders and be inspired to preserve the extinction of the animals they represent. Make sure to book your tickets in advance as the attractions have very limited slots.


2. Future City/ Smart City

Future City/ Smart City

Image Credit: VividSydney


In Chatswood, the emergence of a Future City/ Smart City awaits you. Live in the sneak peek of a Tron-like display of lights all around the city. Start with 9000 spheres of glowing light in a vortex-like Voxelscape display.


Next, head towards Chatswood Interchange for Gear shift. Prance with joy on this interactive ultra-high resolution hopscotch-like display. And get rid of the morning stress on this fun filled night. Lastly, head to The Concourse for a glimpse of Steampunk Waterworld. Inspired by the works of Jules Verne, ravel in the possible world beneath and us. And feed our vast imagination.


3. Hidden Sydney – The Glittering Mile


Image Credit: The Plus Ones


Have a blast from the past in Kings Cross. Relive the stories of Hidden Sydney, a mesmerizing and witty presentation of the former Sydney cabaret “The Nevada”. Be entertained with an interactive performance with the cast as you help unfold the mysteries of the events. Book your tickets in advance to enjoy this titillating performance.


4. Electric Forest and Birds of Lumos

  Electric Forest and Birds of Lumos  

In these nights, The Royal Botanical Garden is transformed into an Electric Forest. Imagine Avatar (the 2009 movie) set in a future electric dystopia. Inhabited also with Birds of Lumos. Meet “Rowi” the Kiwi and her chick as they illuminate the garden with lights if they “sense danger”, representing the defense mechanism of the rare “Rowi” species.


Prepare to run but be very cautious, as you might not now who is “You Lookin’ at Me“. These are eyeballs spread across an area whose sight follows your every step. Have fun with this “eye-popping” madness.


5. Lighting of the Sails: Audio Creatures

Lighting of the Sails: Audio Creatures

Image Credit: VividSydney


Head towards Sydney Opera House to see the majestic Lighting of the Sails: Audio Creatures, An amazing orchestrated projection of flora and fauna. It evokes the appreciation of the watcher of the intricacies of our world accompanied by exceptional soundscapes from the legendary composer Amon Tobin. Be enthralled in this symphony all night long.


6. Eora –  Bennelong

Eora - Bennelong

Image Credit: VividSydney


In Campbell’s Cove, the Eora –  Bennelong is conceived to pay tribute to Woollarawarre Bennelong, one of the first aboriginal to bring acceptance of the European practices. Pay respect to one of the most influential founding fathers of Australia by dropping by this exhibit.


7. Urban Tree 2.0

Urban Tree 2.0

Image Credit: VividSydney


The iconic Urban Tree 2.0 has returned in Martin Place. The magnificent MLC Centre’s CTA building transforms into a tree of ecological wonders. Spot the multitude of creatures interact as it displays the circle of nature transpiring.


8. Under my Umbrella

Under my Umbrella

Image Credit: VividSydney


Have a blissful stroll in Kendall Ln with the “Under my Umbrella” attraction. Watch as the umbrellas sway and illuminate with your every move.  Dance the night away with this playful attraction.


9. A Day in the Light and Trapdoor

  A Day in the Light and Trapdoor  

In Barangaroo, experience the workings of the universe on “A Day in the Light“. Projecting the effects of light in the human body, marvel on this quasi-out of this world experience with your family and friends. Afterward, head to Wulugul Walk and watch out for a “Trap Door“. Be cautious as you step into this optical illusion, and notice as you “fall” into its fictional narrative. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


10. Magicians of the Mist

Magicians of the Mist

Image Credit: VividSydney


Towards the end of the night, traverse to Darling Harbour and gaze at the enchanting display of “Magicians of the Mist“. Imagine Fantasia (The Disney movie) meets Doctor Strange (The Marvel Character). Bewitch your whole gang as you daze into a fantastic display of lights, fountains, and pyrotechnics conjured by top professionals. It is certainly a must see.




The transformation of Sydney into a luminous megalopolis is certainly one of the highlights of this year. So plan. Take that day off and enjoy this yearly celebration with your loved ones. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

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