Top 10 Melbourne Eateries That Serve Under AU$10


From rice and seaweed as burger patties to cupcakes that sell like wildfire, here are some of the most delicious and affordable eats at Melbourne, Australia…


1. Chuckle Park Bar And Café


Chuckle Park Bar And Café


As its peculiar name suggests, Chuckle Park is a café by day and a bar by night. Complete with wonderful terrariums that glow in the dark, carpeted floors with artificial grasses, and a Virgin Mother Mary statue surrounded by vibrant roses…you can expect that the overall vibe of the place is also eccentric!


Their Spanish Lentil Salad (AU$9) and Elote (AU$7) are worth the try.




2. Brown Bagels

  Brown Bagels  

Do not be fooled by the size of this café because they have a wide array of bagels to offer. Serving nothing but lightly toasted bread with generous fillings, you will be amazed that their freshly made bagels are priced about AU$4-9.90. For people who live for spices, go for the Cheese Bagel with Spicy Chicken (AU$9.90).

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Looking at the photos of their scrumptious bagels make me want to drool!


3. Cupcake Central


Image Credit: Sheryl

With how fast their cupcakes sell-out, you cannot deny that Cupcake Central is a crowd favorite. Cupcake Central has both the regular menu and seasonal menu to keep their loyal customers satisfied and excited. They even have vegan and gluten free options for health conscious individuals.


Their cupcakes are usually priced at AU$4.50. Personally, my sweet tooth craves for the “Devil’s Food Chocolate.”




4. Flip Board Café

  Flip Board Café  

Minimalist, crisp, clean are the three words that can perfectly describe the interior of Flip Board. Owned and curated by interior designer Megg Evans and architect Martin Heide, Flip Board Café has been raved about since its opening in 2013. Aside from its unique architecture, customers come back for its excellent coffee (about AU$4).


Complement your drink with the Fruit Toast with Honey (AU$9) or the Toast with Condiments (AU$7).


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5. Sushi Burger

Sushi Burgers

Image Credit: Lifestyle Food

Where else can you find a place that has rice and seaweed as burger buns? Well, no where but Sushi Burger!


A one-of-a kind joint that showcases a delicious selection of Japanese fillings such as soft shell crab and vegetable tempura, all “sushi burgers” are priced under AU$10.




6. Purple Peanuts Japanese Café

Purple Peanuts Japanese Café

Image Credit: Ichigo Shortcake

Keeping the Japanese theme going on here, I introduce you to the Purple Peanuts that is located at Melbourne’s CBD. This café boasts with interesting interiors and contemporary Japanese menu that attracted not only the neighboring workers but also the foodies all over Australia.


Previous customers recommend the Matcha Shake (AU$5.90), Gammodoki Tofu Burger (AU$9.90), and the Prawn Soba Salad (AUD $9.50).




7. Huxtaburger


Image Credit: Fernando Alves

Like Purple Peanuts, Huxtaburger is located at Melbourne’s CBD. Huxtburger is known for their German burgers.


With AU$10 in your pocket, you will get to purchase their salty chips (AU$3.50-7.50) and classic Huxtaburger (AU$9.50). For children, you can order the AU$7 Clair JNR (Southern fried chicken with mayo, and slaw) or the AU$6 Rudy (Beef patty, tomato sauce, cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato).




8. Son In Law

Son In Law

Image Credit: theaureview

The brainchild of the couple behind the renowned Ayatana, Son In Law serves traditional Thai food with a modern twist. The name of the place is a nod to the relationship that exists between a Thai mother and her son in law. In fact, a portion of the menu is dedicated to their mother’s recipes. The “MUM’S CLASSIC RECIPES” includes the 8-dollar Son In Law Eggs and the 7-dollar Grilled Chicken Skewer.


For an authentic taste of Thai food, I am eager to try their Prawn Spring Rolls (AU$9) and Thai Fish Cakes (AU$7.50).




9. Cobb Lane

Cobb Lane

Image Credit: Olive Sundays

For delicious pastries other desserts, Cobb Lane in Yarraville is the place to be. They serve ice cream sandwiches that cost about $6. If you are wondering about the credentials of the owner, he was trained in Michelin-starred restaurants in England.


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10. Wonderbao


Image Credit: Klaus and Fritz

As Wonderbao’s Andrew Wong wrote: “From the streets of Asia to the laneways of Melbourne, some things never change. All our buns and ingredients are still prepared fresh and handmade everyday.”


By eating two or more pieces of Wonderbao, both your tummy and your pocket will thank you soon after. Wonderbao serves baos or Chinese steamed breads that are priced about AU$2-4.20. You can choose from braised or roasted pork belly, Chinese sausage, vegetarian, egg and mushroom, or chicken as your filling.


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Nothing beats a hot bite-sized treat to start your day!

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