Top 10 Highest Paid Filipino YouTubers


As we all know, YouTube is an American video-sharing website. It allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users.


Years back, I remember using YouTube to listen to my favorite songs and watch its music video. But now, YouTube has another purpose. It became a new platform for vloggers to upload and share their vlogs.


Yes, vlogs as in video and blog. Travel vlogs, review, challenges, pranks, cooking, mukbang asmr (where you eat in front of a camera and say nothing), and plenty more.


And if you think that people are going ga-ga to be a vlogger just for fun, then we’re not on the same page. Because – guess what – you can earn a lot of money in vlogging.


Don’t believe it? Then here are some proof that you can be a millionaire by being a vlogger on Youtube. Below are the top highest paid Pinoy YouTubers and their estimated monthly income.


10. Lloyd Café Cadena VLOGS (1,924,622 subscribers)

Lloyd Café Cadena VLOGS

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Estimated Monthly Income: P95,000 – P1,505,000


Lloyd Cafe Cadena or “LC” as his fans would call him is a Financial Management graduate from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. He started his Youtube channel in the year 2010 when he experienced an unforgettable heartbreak that drove him to vent it out on social media.


After that, he became one of the country’s top digital influencers. His witty and on-point content helped him to connect with his audience easily.


User Created: June 5, 2010

Video Uploads: 314

Video Views: 125,397,970

Estimated Yearly Income: P1,130,000 – P18,070,000


9. Michelle Dy (2,303,515 subscribers)

Michelle Dy

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Estimated Monthly Income: P95,000 – P1,530,000


Michelle Dy, a beauty guru on YouTube and social media sensation on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to her makeup and skincare tips and tutorials, she earned her more than 2.3 million subscribers.


She registered for YouTube in March of 2011 as michelledy051. Her first video was called “Smokey Burgundy Eyes (Everyday Smokey Eyes).”


User Created: March 28, 2011

Video Uploads: 423

Video Views: 210,695,017

Estimated Yearly Income: P1,145,000 – P18,335,000


8. Alex Gonzaga (4,334,151 subscribers)

Alex Gonzaga

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Estimated Monthly Income: P185,000 – P2,955,000


Alex Gonzaga/Catherine “Cathy” Cruz Gonzaga is a Filipina television host, singer, actress, comedienne, vlogger, and author. 


Her older sister, Toni Gonzaga helped her enter the industry. Her bubbly and natural personality has caught the attention of her viewers. She is known for her funny vlogs with her friends, family, and sometimes with her boyfriend.


User Created: July 18, 2017

Video Uploads: 94

Video Views: 282,135,047

Estimated Yearly Income: P2,215,000 – P35, 465,000


7. Keith Talens (1,220,923 subscribers)

Keith Talens

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Estimated Monthly Income: P185,000 – P2,965,000


Keith Talens, a Star Magic personality and student who is best known for his YouTube and TikTok content.


On TikTok, he chose the username of keithtalens14. He surpassed 440,000 fans and reached 2 million hearts in June of 2019.


User Created: October 2, 2013

Video Uploads: 141

Video Views: 52,924,410

Estimated Yearly Income: P2,225,000 – P35,610,000


6. Bretman Rock (6,585,144 subscribers)

Bretman Rock

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Estimated Monthly Income: P255,000 – P4,115,000


A 17-year-old Ilocano-born who’s been living in Hawaii since he was seven. Rock is also known for his Instagram tutorial videos.


He is known for his sharp, cutting humor. He has a cooking vlog with her mom, makeup vlog with her sister, and a lot of random vlogs.


User Created: September 23, 2012

Video Uploads: 89

Video Views309,447,556

Estimated Yearly Income: P3,085,000 – P49,370,000


5. Ranz Kyle (9,235,399 subscribers)

Ranz Kyle

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Estimated Monthly Income: P310,000 – P4,990,000


Social media personality and a famous dancer. Ranz Kyle has gained more than 9 million subscribers for his dance choreography and moves. He became more popular when he and his sister, Niana Guerrero made a dance duo vlog. 


He began showing an interest in dance at the age of nine and uploaded his first YouTube dance video, “Fast Forward-Jai Cko C Walk,” when he was 14 years old


User Created: April 27, 2008

Video Uploads: 248

Video Views: 805,170,677

Estimated Yearly Income: P3,740,000 – P60,000,000


4. Niana Guerrero (7,829,526 subscribers)

Niana Guerrero

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Estimated Monthly Income: P320,000 – P5,120,000


Niana Guerrero became famous because of her dance moves and Tiktok videos. She is currently 13 years old. Her sleek dance moves amazed her subscribers and their #SiblingGoals with her brother (Ranz Kyle) is very adorable to watch.


She started making videos in 2010 when she created a Facebook account at the age of 4.


User Created: April 11, 2013

Video Uploads: 144

Video Views: 447,263,834

Estimated Yearly Income: P3,840,000 – P60,000,000


3. Ja Mill (6,323,249 subscribers)


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Estimated Monthly Income: P830,000 – 13,270,000


The love team, Jayzam Lloyd Manabat, and Camille Trinidad also know as “JaMill”. This couple is known for their prank videos, challenges, travel vlogs, and random video content.


They began dating in January 2017. Jayzam Lloyd Manabat is currently a student at the Technology Institute of the Philippines. He is taking up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, now in his 5th year. 


While Camille Trinidad is a graduate of Divina Pastora College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management.


User Created: December 7, 2016

Video Uploads: 376

Video Views: 689,694,198

Estimated Yearly Income: P9,955,000 – P160,000,000


2. Guava Juice/Roi Fabito (14,339,826 subscribers)

Guava Juice Roi Fabito

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Estimated Monthly Income: P1,645,000 – P26,310,000


Roi Fabito better known online as Guava Juice (formerly Roi Wassabi) is a Filipino-American YouTuber who is known to create challenge videos, DIYs and experiments and is best known as being a member of Wassabi Productions before his departure in 2016.


He produces epic videos that consist of bathtubs, experiments, gaming, DIY, how-to, tutorials, gaming, Roblox, challenges, gadgets, toys, taste tests, cooking, and pretty much everything.


His video contents are all family and kid-friendly that’s why he gained more than 14 million subscribers making him the highest-paid Filipino vlogger on Youtube.


User Created: July 18, 2006

Video Uploads: 1,384

Video Views: 5,897,465,184

Estimated Yearly Income: P19,730,000 – P315,000,000


1. Raffy Tulfo in Action (6,486,660 subscribers)

Raffy Tulfo in Action

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Estimated Monthly Income: P3,270,000 – P50,000,000


Raffy Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist based in Quezon City, Philippines. He is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred commentator on issues about abuses and injustices committed by people in power against ordinary citizens.


He is a known champion of the poor and known among his followers as “Mr. Action Man” and “Idol Raffy”.


User Created: April 20, 2016

Video Uploads: 3,007

Video Views: 2,492,566,314

Estimated Yearly Income: P39,235,000 – P630,000,000


Do you have what it takes to be a vlogger? You might be the Philippines’ next big YouTube star! Grab your cameras now, think of unique and witty content, and upload it right away on Youtube! 

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