Top 10 Best Companies to Work With in Australia

Fancy working in one of the top businesses in Australia?


BRW lists the 2015 best 25 companies to work for (more than 100 employees).


Whether you are working for one of these companies or aiming to work for one, there’s no doubt that working in one of these major players has several perks and this is exactly why they are the top best places to work.


10. AbbVie


AbbVie is just a 2 year old health, pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with head office in New South Wales. The company displays care for its 26,000 employees around the globe by giving assistance to those with dependents through a Child Care kit and an Elder Care kit.


Image Credit: Ride for AIDS Chicago


Abbvie employs 72.5% female and only 27.5 male staff. 160 hours per year are spent on learning and development.


9. Mediaedge:cia


Do you want an all expense paid visit Silicon Valley? The join Mediaedge:cia or MEC. It is an NSW media agency committed to “developing strategies to ensure clients’ communication messages are seen by target audiences.”


Image Credit: Javier Piedrahita


Employees need to pass an application and demonstrate MEC values to win a tour in one of the world’s most innovative technology companies. The company values training so much that it spends 200 hours per year to keep its 59% female and 41% male employees updated.


8. NetApp Australia


NetApp has been in the business for 15 years. Set up and headquartered in NSW, this IT/ Data Management company invites employees to join its Guiding Coalition. Those who volunteer to join get involved in activities that ensure “the delivery of the organisation’s ‘Big Opportunity’ statement, giving members a unique opportunity to contribute to the vision and strategy of the company.”


Image Credit: Marc


This is the first company on the list employing more males than females with whopping 82.7% guys and just 17.3% ladies. They also have 60 hours are spent on learning and development.


7. Summit Homes


This is the first on the list to finally hail from another state – Western Australia. Summit homes have been in the business for 37 years and have helped build homes for 35,000. True to its mantra, Summit Homes treat its employees as family. Employees are also allowed to wear casual clothes and encouraged to donate a gold coin for charity.

Summit Homes

Image Credit: Communitynews


Being in a construction business, it is no surprise that they have more males than females in the group. Males comprise 66.2% of the employee population while 33.8% are females. The company spends 40 hours on learning and development per year.


6. Adobe Systems


There is no way you haven’t encountered Adobe Systems unless, maybe, you have never owned a computer in your life. Adobe is known worldwide for its digital media and digital marketing solutions.

Adobe And Students

Image Credit: Adobe Blogs


Adobe makes its employees feel proud to be working for the company by contributing 1% of the company’s pre-tax profit to the betterment of local communities. NSW is surely one lucky state with Adobe choosing the state to be its command centre.


Adobe Systems employ 60.4% men and 39.6% women. The company dedicates 30 hours per year on learning and development.


5. Nous Group


Hailing from Victoria, Nous Group is the leading consulting and leadership development firm. The business is outstanding due to its core value “Positive Influence” which made it possible to create its Reconciliation Action Plan that the organization believes important for the organization itself, the society and Australia’s future.


Nous has cultural awareness training for staff and a Welcome to Country ceremony. They also have 2.5 per cent Indigenous Australian employed, way above its 2 per cent target.


They also have more women in the workforce than men – 59.7 to 40.3. The group reserves 180 hours per year for training and development activities.


4. Stryker


Stryker is 30 year old medical technology company striving to make healthcare better. Stryker products – including reconstructive, medical, surgical and neurological technologies, are found in over 100 countries around the world.


The company introduced the “There for Me” cards to encourage employees to make time to write notes of appreciation and gratitude for each other. These cards are posted on bulletin boards in all Stryker offices. These cards are visual reminders that everyone in the company is valued.


Stryker’s head office is in NSW. They have 56.9% female employees and 43.2% male employees. The company spends 90 hours per year for learning and development.


3. Optiver


Again from NSW, the premier, global market making company ranks at number 3.


Working with Optiver is rewarding for the right people as it is also very challenging to provide “derivatives prices to international financial markets” – the company’s core function.

Optiver CEO Checking In With Our Risk-team

Image Credit: glassdoor

Applying to work for Optiver is tough but passing the 8 minute test and interview means that you pass their qualification of hiring only “brilliant minds and individuals who will fit effortlessly into the Optiver culture.

Their workforce currently has more male employees 84.5% than females. Only 13 hours per year is spent in training and development.


2. Mecca Brands


An impressive NSW retail company with 61 sites in Australia and New Zealand built over the span of 18 years. Mecca is a beauty brand crediting its success from achieving its purpose: enabling customers to look and feel their best.

Mecca Maxima

Image Credit: PopSugar

They also encourage their employees to “treat their store or department as if it were their own business… empowered to break the rules where they deem it to be appropriate in order to achieve a positive outcome…doing the wrong thing for the right reason.”


Mecca employs the most number of women in the list. A mere 3.5% employed are men while the rest are women. They also make their employees attend training and development for 100 hours a year.


1. Atlassian


The company behind the software Confluence and JIRA is the NSW based company Atlassian founded in 2002.

How cool is Atlassian? If you are a new hire, they will hand you a travel voucher so you can go on a holiday before starting to work for the company just to make sure that you are revitalized and ready for an Atlassian year.

Atlassian Australia

Image Credit: Atlassian UserGroups


As soon as you are in, you are encouraged to use Confluence to blog. Blogging is a means for congratulating and sending company-wide recognition for achievements.


They also have Kudos. This is a system they implemented so it is easier to congratulate a colleague by sending an Kudos request to HR through the JIRA system. The HR will arrange the recommended gist and handwritten Kudos card.


Staff can also be awarded “Big Kudos” for big successes of a team or individual. Gifts choices include: “RedBalloon voucher, fine dining voucher, or holiday voucher.”


Those working for Atlassian for 3 years are awarded an extra 3 days annual leave on top of the standard 20 days leave. Those who are with the company for 5 years are sent on a paid holiday worth up to $3,000.


Staying with Atlassian for a decade earns an employee a personalized bobblehead and a hoody lined with silk. A video is also created and shared at the Monthly All Hands meeting.


In Atlassian, 85.9% of the workforce are men and only a handful are women. The company also spends 20 hours a year for learning and development.


Whether or not you are already employed in one of these companies the best thing is for you (and all of us) to do is to work hard and try to work above and beyond what is asked of us.


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