To All Plant Lovers Out there, Sustee Aquameter is Here to Save the Day!

Do you love plants but don’t have a ‘green thumb’? Are your plants always wilting, drooping, or sagging? Worry no more because Sustee Aquameter is here to help!


Having houseplants has numerous benefits. It can help you breathe easier, purify the air, sharpen your focus, and even improve your health. That’s why most of us are willing to buy various houseplants.


Unfortunately, not all of us can maintain a houseplant. 80% of the time, incorrect watering causes plants to wilt. And it’s not because we forget to water them but because we water too much.


Sustee Aquameter and How it Works

Sustee Aquameter

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Sustee Aquameter prevents watering mistakes in a simple and easy way.


You’ll just stick it in a pot then after watering, the Sustee device absorbs moisture at the root level, just like your plant. When the level of absorbed water rises, the indicator gradually turns from white to blue.


When it turns white, it is time to water the plant. Sustee is the world’s first aquameter for home use that can monitor soil moisture based on pF values.

pF value (Sustee Aquameter)

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The pF value represents the plant’s capability for water uptake and guides you by telling you when to water it. It’s good for orchids, Cyclamen, roses, Geranium, succulents, and etc.


This brilliant invention is already appreciated all over the world and has won multiple design awards!


No more worrying if you’re a ‘green thumb’ or a ‘brown thumb’. As long as you have a Sustee Aquameter, your plants will be happier and healthier.


For more information, visit their website here.

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