Time-saving Tips For People Who Wish To Visit The Melbourne Zoo


Established in 1862, Melbourne Zoo is considered as Australia’s oldest zoo. They came a long way since then. The Zoo is now home to star attractions such as the vibrant Butterfly House, the entertaining Gorilla Rainforest, and the rare Amazing Australians exhibits. The most famous attraction of them all is the Trail of the Elephants, the home of five delightful elephants.


Do not miss these attractions as well as the Keeper presentations!


Tip #1: Avoid The Long Queues


Let us be real here! Children can get really impatient especially if they are merely standing in line for a long time. To avoid any unwanted circumstances, pre-purchase your Melbourne Zoo tickets online. Start your fuss-free trip by choosing between these following rates: http://www.zoo.org.au/tickets

Melbourne Zoo

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a. Adults: $31.60

b. Seniors: $28.40

c. Children aged 4-15: $15.80

d. Concession: $24.20


It is important to note that Zoo tickets for infants and toddlers (below the age of 4) are always free! Also, you can grab the chance of getting free tickets on weekends for children aged 4-15.


Tip #2: Plan Your Route


Many people are evidently bad at directions (including me)! Fortunately, modern technology made it easier for us to navigate through different places. With the trusty Google Maps in front of you, plan whether you are going to the Zoo via a car, a mode of public transportation, or a sightseeing shuttle.


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The Zoo’s address is “Elliott Avenue, Parkville Victoria 3052”.


Tip #3: Plan Your Zoo Visit


Another helpful tip that can save you time and effort is to strategically plan which sections you shall visit. Begin by browsing the Zoo’s map.


Then ask your companion or your children about the animals that they want to see the most. Planning beforehand will help you roam around the Zoo without having to circle around the vicinity.


Tip #4: Include The Keeper Talks


Let us focus on the Keeper’s Talks. As you may know, the keeper is the individual who is responsible for feeding and taking care of a certain species of animal. With their knowledge and experience, you can surely learn a thing or two.

  Make it a point to watch at least one of these unique talks by noting it down along with your Zoo map plan. Personally, I am eager to see the Koala keeper’s talk at 10:30 am as well as the Penguin keeper’s talk at 3:30 pm.   Include The Keeper Talks  

Alternatively, you can let your children role-play as veterinarians, researchers, and keepers at the “Keeper Kids Playspace”. Your children can immerse themselves on a range of activities designed to engage a connection with the natural world. This stimulating exhibit is FREE everyday from 9 am-4 pm.


Tip #5: Bring Your Own Snacks And Drinks


The food at the Zoo can get relatively expensive. Not to mention, the queues can get pretty long at times.


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It is a good idea to bring your own drinks and snacks to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day. By doing so, you can stop and munch anytime and anywhere. You can even bring a picnic blanket if you want.  

Tip #6: Bring Hats, Umbrellas, And Sunscreen


Equipping yourself with hats and umbrellas are a must regardless of the current weather. These past few days maybe cloudy and rainy but we will never know when the sun will scorch its heat again.


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So if it is really sunny, bring a sunscreen along to avoid being “cooked” in direct heat. Reapplying sunscreen to your children is very important.

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