This Resort in Batangas will Give You a Bali Experience for a Cheap Price

Traffic jams, heavy workload, and toxic surroundings, who wouldn’t want to take a break with all the stress that we encounter every day?


Good thing that there are lots of vacation spots near Metro Manila that can somehow ease the stress. Last September, a resort in Batangas opens its Bali inspired corner.


Yes, you read it right. You can now experience the Bali vibes for a cheap price. Villa Jovita became an instant getaway to people who dreamt of flying to Bali. The resort will not disappoint you and it’s perfect for a weekend vacay.


And to help you plan your mini-vacation here are all the things that you should know about Villa Jovita.


What are the amenities?

Amenities - Villa Jovita

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Villa Jovita is located at Barangay Santa Cruz Agoncillo Batangas. The resort features five natural pools and of course, their famous Bali corner.


For day tours, there are tables and cottages that you can rent. Shower areas and toilets are also available but you should bring your toiletries.


Where to Stay?

Rooms And Cottages in Villa Jovita

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Villa Jovita has a close to nature style. They have a Bahay Kubo with a fan that can accommodate up to ten persons. They also offer camping tents in case you want to chill outdoors.


Room Rates

Posted by Villa Jovita on Thursday, 4 October 2018

If you’re planning to stay overnight, here are the room rates of Villa Jovita. Checked-in guests will have a discounted fee for the Bali inspired corner but the entrance fee is exclusive depending on the room.

Entrance fee: 150 ALL pools


Couple Room (2 persons) – Php 3,000

  • FREE breakfast for 2
  • FREE access to ALL pools
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)

Big Room A with Own Bathroom (6-8 persons)Php 3,800

  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Nipa Hut Accommodation  (Fan) – Php 2,000

  • Common Bathroom (2 persons)
  • FREE access to Riverside Pools
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Tent Accommodation (2-3 persons) – Php 1200

  • with pillows and beddings
  • “Discounted” Bali Inspired Corner (150 instead of 250)
  • Separate Entrance Fee (150- access to ALL Pools)
  • Breakfast NOT included

Breakfast (upon request): 90 pesos per meal


How To Get There

  How To Get There - Villa Jovita  

Once you booked your rooms, it’s time to know how to get to Villa Jovita. If you’re going to commute from Manila, you can:

  • Ride a bus from the bus terminal in Buendia heading to Lemery and drop off at Xentro Mall. Travel time can be 2-3 hours depending on the traffic.
  • From here, you can either ride a jeep to Agoncillo or ride a tricycle to Villa Jovita Resort.

Easy, right? Just don’t be shy about asking directions to drivers so you won’t get lost. And if you’re traveling via private car, simply use the Waze app to find Villa Jovita. Also, check your car first before traveling to have a safe trip.


Bali Corner


To keep you on hype and to prove that Villa Jovita will not fail you, here are some photos that were taken by visitors at their Bali corner.

Posted by Villa Jovita on Saturday, 24 August 2019

We all need some BALI to love! #BaliVibes? Miss KC Fajardo

Posted by Villa Jovita on Friday, 26 July 2019
Posted by Villa Jovita on Friday, 7 September 2018

Yay! There’s something new in our Bali Corner and it’s a hanging nest in different shape. ?

Posted by Villa Jovita on Monday, 10 December 2018

Tips & Reminder before Going

  Tips and Reminders before going to Villa Jovita  

Before traveling to Villa Jovita, make sure that you have your packed food. Since there are no restaurants near the area. Next, make sure that to reserve your room two weeks earlier so you can choose freely. And lastly, don’t forget to bring your cameras and wear your OOTDs for your Instagram photoshoot.


There’s nothing wrong in taking a vacation, to be honest, it’s a necessity. Always take care of your health physically, mentally, and spiritually, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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