The Truffle Festival Canberra 2017: Why You Should Consider Hunting for Truffles

Looking for a unique travel experience in Australia? Traverse the winter trails of Canberra. And have a taste of royalty in “The Truffle Festival: Canberra Region“.


For either the epicurean nobles or just the bourgeoisie, the truffle festival is a season long event imbibing the essence of everything truffle.


Why are they Special?

  Why Black Winter Truffle of Canberra is special  

The Black Winter Truffle of Canberra is one of the most exquisite ingredients any entrée would have. Considered by French gourmet Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin as the “Diamond of the Kitchen”, the rarity of each pound would cost you as much as $100 to $2000 or more depending on the quality.


With the climate of Canberra, the growth of these culinary treasures is quite ideal. It takes every truffle 12 weeks to mature before harvest. It starts to form during summer and later ripen during winter. But scorching summers and freezing winters will damage the fungi. The temperature and soil condition has to be just right, justifying its high price point.


Some may find the taste of truffles to be “garlicky” or “musky”. But as a glutamate, the distinct umami taste stands out when it touches your palate. A dash of this powdery jewel enhances the taste of the meal in every bite. This makes merely eating the dish comparable to a transcendent experience.


Why should you go?

  Why should you go to Truffle Festival Canberra  

Spanning this June up to August, relish the history of this delectable delights and the thrill of hunting your own heavenly Truffle.


Accompanied by their innocent-looking and furry Labradors, the festival offers hunting tours and packages. Your K9 partners will guide you in spotting those elusive finds. It’s a gourmet treasure-hunting bonanza with the people you love the most.


End the day with the sapidity of your succulent haul. Indulge with a professionally cooked meal alongside Truffle infused Vodka. A moment where you feel royalty regardless of your true status.


To wrap up


With the overall feel of this event, the learnings and gastric yearnings will surely be one for the books. Speaking of books, book for your slots now.  Schedules might run out from aspiring visitors across the globe. Don’t say we did not warn you.

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