The Philippine Embassy Is Now Accepting Online Applications for 2020’s First Mobile Passport Mission

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: All information contained herein is derived from official advisory materials released by the Philippine Embassy in Australia as of press time. Details may change without prior notice, and readers may get in touch with the Embassy directly for further inquiries and concerns.


What, already? Yes, apparently.


If you might recall, the year’s (and the decade’s, consequently) last mobile passport mission just took place last week, from Monday, 11 November, to Friday, 15 November. This was in Perth, as per the usual rotation, and the next mobile mission won’t be until January next year.


Except that to secure your slot next year, you’ll need to apply today, Monday, 18 November 2019.


Full Steam Ahead for the Philippine Embassy’s Online Appointment System

Full Steam Ahead for the Philippine Embassy’s Online Appointment System  

Over the past few years, this section of the article had an infographic of all the documentary requirements applicants would need to submit. But since the Philippine Embassy began implementing an online appointment system last September, the process is altogether simpler:


  1. Access the official Embassy website here

  2. Click on their online appointment system, which should already be open to the public at this time.

  3. Book your appointment and type in your email address.

  4. Once you accomplish this successfully, you should receive an email enumerating any documents you would need to send by post

  5. The Embassy will evaluate your documents, if any, and will send you a booking confirmation email if they suffice. The latter contains further instructions on what to do and bring during your passport renewal appointment.


More importantly, do note that you shouldn’t send any documents over to the Embassy unless you are explicitly instructed to do so. Furthermore, securing an appointment online is free of charge


Mobile Passport Missions in 2020

Mobile Passport Missions in 2020  

Since we’re on the topic, the dates for next year’s mobile passport missions in Australia are out. According to the Philippine Embassy website, they are as follows:


  1. Melbourne: 20-24 January 2020.

  2. Darwin: 20-24 April 2020.

  3. Adelaide: 18-22 May 2020.

  4. Perth: July and October 2020.

  5. Brisbane: September 2020.


So far, however, only Melbourne’s mobile mission is currently open for online applications. The schedules for the rest, of course, will be revealed in due course.


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