The Most Romantic Garden Wedding Venues in New South Wales

  Weddings are a special occasion made more romantic by a stunning location.   You may choose the location for your wedding ceremony because:  
  • you had a great memory in that place as a couple

  • it looks perfect for the wedding you imagined

  • you dreamed to be married there since childhood

  • fits your budget

  • or all of the above

New South Wales will not run out of the perfect locations whether it be the beach or the garden, a grand hall, a museum or even a theme park. Name it and this Australian state would most probably have it.   This list, is all about that lush, fresh and romantic location perfect for fairy like dream weddings, vintage vibe, rustic theme or tea party inspired weddings – the beautiful parks and gardens:   Sydney Area   The Royal Botanical Garden Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney Ph: 02 9231 8111 Fax: 02 9231 8054 Email:     The Royal Botanical Garden has many different lawns, specialty gardens and garden pavilions available for your wedding ceremony and photography. Wedding receptions are also available.   The lawns have a spectacular view of any of the Sydney harbour, Sydney Opera house and city skyline. You can choose from:  
  • Farm Cove Precint Lawns

  • Yurong Recint Lawn

  • Tarpein Precint Lawn

  • Bennelong Precint Lawn

There are five specialty gardens available, the Greenway garden (conservatorium rooftop) is held in front of the castle-like Conservatorium of Music. If castles are not your thing, other gardens for rent are:  
  • Pioneer garden

  • Oriental Garden

  • Succulent garden

  • Sydney Fernery

Garden pavilions are also a popular venue in the Royal Botanical garden especially their Rose Garden with roses blooming from September to May.   If you like the fresh smell of herbs then the Herb Garden and Pavilion might just be your thing.   The Maiden Pavilion and Band lawn on the other hand is perfect for big wedding parties and celebration drinks because it is near restaurants and amenities. Plus, it overlooks the Main Pond.   Lastly, if you have a very intimate wedding, try the Vista Pavillion. It is secluded and can hold ceremonies only for 20 people.   Centennial Parkland Locked Bag 15, Paddington NSW 2021 Phone: (02) 9339 6699 Fax: (02) 9360 4215 Email:  
Centennial Park Wedding

Image Credit: Centennial Parklands

  Centennial Parkland is said to be one of the most versatile outdoor locations in Sydney CBD and it is only 10 minutes away.   It encompasses three major urban parks – Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queens Park.   They accept reservations for ceremonies, photography, reception and even overnight lodging.   Observatory Hill Park Upper Fort St, Millers Point 02 9265 9333  
Observatory Hill Park Wedding

Image Credit: Polka Dot Bride

Are you star-crossed lovers?   Then consider having your wedding at Observatory Hill Park. The park offers a magnificent “sweeping, panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge for free.”   It also houses the Sydney observatory found in a “heritage-listed sandstone building” high on the hill. A Robian marquee that can accommodate 250 people provides a perfect setting for a wedding.   You and your guest can have a private telescope viewing and explore the stars above.   Check their website for updated available dates for hire and contact or call +61 (02) 9217 0289 / +61 (02) 9217 0519   Sydney Suburb   McKell Park Darling Point, NSW 2027 Telephone: 9391 7077 Fax: 9391 7044 Email:  
McKell Park Wedding

Image Credit: Morris Images

  McKell Park is one of the parks found in the eastern suburb Woollahra. It is located at the northern end of Darling Point road. It boasts of manicured lawns, public ferry wharf, sandstone sculptures, exotic gardens and of course the Sydney Harbour serves as a stunning backdrop.   It also has as centrepiece of the park, the heritage listed Canonbury Cottage available for limited hire for private functions within the park grounds.   Other possible venues are the Blackburn Gardens, Chiswick Gardens, Robertson Park, and Rose Bay Park.   Long Reef Golf Club Anzac Avenue, Collaroy 9971 8113 (Ext 2)  
Long Reef Golf Club Wedding

Image Credit: Wedding Gallery

  If you want your guests to feast their eyes on manicured green grass and smell the sea at the same time, then considering having your party on the Northern Beaches – Long Reef Golf Club.   This venue has a breathtaking view of the northern beaches as it is located by Long Reef headland. You can be sure that your wedding ceremony is private and intimate at the Fisherman’s Cove.   You have a choice to use the Terrace or the Lawn for the ceremony.   They also offer wedding reception packages: White Rock, Beach Chic, Sunset Luxe and Coastal Breeze.   Whatever suits your purpose and imagination, contact them directly for queries and reservations.   Pennant Hills Golf Club Copeland Rd & Burns Road South, Beecroft NSW 2119 +61 2 8860 5800  
Pennant Hills Golf Club Wedding

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  Pennant Hills Golf Club has been a recipient of Club Wedding Reception of the year in 2012, No 1 in NSW and Australia for In-House Wedding Advisor and was a finalist in Club Wedding Reception in 2013.   They offer three indoor function rooms for the reception and outdoor garden venues for the ceremony and photography. They also provide complementary golf carts as transportation for you and your guests.   Balmoral Beach Rotunda The Esplanade, Mosman, North Shore NSW +61 2 9932 4502  
Balmoral Beach Rotunda Wedding

Image Credit: The Wong Couple

  You cannot mistake that circular outdoor Balmoral Beach Rotunda at the Esplanade and Mandalong Rd.   It is one of the popular wedding venues in this corner of Sydney suburb along with Rocky Point Island and other outdoor venues for rent under the Mosman Council.   The Gardens on Forest 764 Forest Rd, Peakhurst NSW 2210 +61 2 9153 9187     Moving to the southern Sydney suburbs, is The Gardens on Forest. They have the Serendipity Tea House and gardens that can be used for the ceremony, reception or even for photography.   They have the Garden View and State Room that overlooks a rose garden. It may be your perfect choice if you want a garden wedding during those rainy months.   Nurragingy Reserve 9839 6000  
Nurragingy Reserve Wedding

Image Credit: Gemma-Clarke

  The Council of Blacktown offers three wedding garden venues in Nurragingy Reserve that are quiet and shaded areas and pavilion set against natural bushland settings.   You can choose from:   Bungarribee Pavilion that sits high in the international gardens. It has the best view of the lakes, Chinese gardens and waterfall.   You can request for power and vehicle access can be requested for your special day.   Jannawi Garden is a formal venue that is nearest to the Colebee Centre. It has a great view of the main lake and the international gardens.   Jim Lynch Memorial Garden has a mysterious charm with its open trellis, paved walkways and native trees perfect for intimate weddings.   This secluded garden is close to the main lake, international gardens, car park and amenities.   Regional New South Wales have their own venues   Blue Mountains   If you want a picturesque view then consider having you wedding at the Blue Mountains.   Yester Grange Yester Road, Wentworth Falls 02 4757 1110  
Yester Grange Wedding

Image Credit: Yester Grange

  Be spell bound! Yester Grange is “nestled in 20 acres of totally private parkland gardens at the top of Wentworth Falls waterfall, the rolling expanse of green lawn reaches from the magnificent Victorian mansion, to touch the thousands of hectares of World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains Wilderness that lies beyond.”   The old house is newly renovated with crystal chandeliers, antique furniture and romantic fireplaces. The house also has centralised heating to keep everyone warm on those cold winter days.   Yester Grange is close to public. Therefore, it is necessary to set an appointment by phone if you are interested to visit the place for an inspection or tour.   The Sebel Resort & Spa 61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor NSW 2756 +61 2 4577 4222  
The Sebel Resort Spa Hawkesbury Valley

Image Credit:

  The Sebel Resort & Spa is not only the largest day spa in Sydney, it is also an award winning venue found at the foothills of Blue Mountains. They offer both indoor and outdoor locations and a chapel as well.   They offer different packages and other pre and post wedding services to make your special day very memorable and relaxing.   Mount Tomah Botanic Garden Bells Line of Rd, Mount Tomah NSW 2758 (02) 4567 3000  
Mount Tomah Botanic Garden Wedding

Image Credit: VisitBlueMountains

  This Botanic Garden offers different locations for you to choose from:  
  • Wedding Tree Terrace – have your union formalised under the Napalese Elm.

  • Residence Garden – couples are drawn towards the majestic lawns in this part of the garden. It is also accessible to the visitor centre.

  • Formal Garden & Lawn – strongly calls to the romantic brides with its 17th century-styled European garden, manicured lawns and fragrant rosarium with trellises and arbours.

  • Brunet Meadow – walnut trees and seasonal flowering bulbs set a perfect backdrop for a picnic type wedding reception for that relaxed, no frills bride.

  • The Beach – overlooks a stunning waterfall. The sandy shores of the pond, soothing sounds of flowing water and the National Park as backdrop makes the Beach a perfect wedding venue.

  • Northern Pavilion – perched high in the Heath and Heather Garden complemented by a magnificent mountain vista.

The garden has experienced and friendly staff who can help you pick your perfect venue and assist you with transportation of guests especially elderly. They can also give you advice for wet weather.   Another great regional area for your wedding is Newcastle.   Parks in Newcastle 02 4974 2807 or 02 4974 2814   Licensed areas to hold your wedding ceremony are abundant in the City of Newcastle from baths and beaches to parks and reserves. Some of the beautiful wedding venue set ups I have seen are:   Blackbutt Reserve     For animal lovers getting married this venue might just be the one you are looking for! Get wedding inspiration from lovable koalas and other animals like wombats, native birds, emus and kangaroos.   Book a venue for your wedding in Blackbutt Reserve for that perfect, natural backdrop. Trained staff will even assist you to achieve your dream wedding scene.   Call 4904 3344 or email for inquiries and reservations.   King Edward Park  
Newcastle King Edward Park Wedding

Image Credit: Becessery

This Park is the most popular wedding venue in Newcastle. It features the historic Victorian rotunda, spectacular ocean and city views and abundance of established trees and flower beds.   King Edward Park is surely a natural wonder that will make your event memorable.   Lambton Park  
Lambton Park Wedding

Image Credit: CurlyTreePhotography

  This park is ten minutes away from the city centre. It has lots of open space lined with trees and a restored historical rotunda.   Shepherds Hill     This venue offers a relaxed, informal atmosphere, a historic Fort and Courtyard and a stunning view of the ocean.   To book any of the parks call 02 4974 2807 or 02 4974 2814 or   Albury Botanic Garden (02)6043 5698     Albury is last but definitely not the least on our list with the dreamy Albury Botanic Garden.   In 1887, former Albury Mayor, Alderman William Jones planted an English Elm tree. 130 years passed and the tree along with other native and exotic plants in the garden attracted horticultural enthusiasts, garden lovers, school children and engaged couples.   Located at the western end of Albury’s central business district, this park is one of the city’s gems.   This is not the complete list. New South Wales is abundant in natural resources, history and culture, I am sure there are hundreds more hidden even in your own part of the community.   It is no wonder that there are hundreds of parks, reserves and gardens both public and private that boast of scenic backdrops, spectacular views and romantic feels.   It is important to look for a venue as early as 10 months before your chosen wedding date.   When booking a venue:  
  1. Do your research. Look for online reviews and ask around, a friend or relative may have attended an event in the location you are interested in.

  3. Visit the site for a physical inspection, photos cannot capture the whole beauty of the location so better drop by. You will also be able to find out if the place is close enough for your guest (or you can plan about how to bring them in the venue) and the amount of travel time and traffic.

  5. Ask the venue administrator about:

  6.   ✔ Rent price of the venue – Is the rate per hour, half day or whole day? ✔ Length of time for use ✔ Venue capacity ✔ Facilities and amenities  
    • Ask about restrooms, car parks, and accessibility to elderly or disabled people in your party.

    • Know if they have centralised AC or heater

    • Do they provide power, sound system etc? Will they cost extra?

      ✔ What happens if it rains? ✔ What things are allowed in the venue?  
    • Some fixtures that need to be installed may not be allowed without seeking permission.

    • Some parks may not allow pets in the venue as well.

      ✔ Do they have partner wedding planners/stylist?
No matter where you choose to book your big day, make sure it is relevant to your love story.   Live happily ever after!   Special thanks to Scott Mundy for the main image.
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