The Grandeur That Is National Gallery Victoria

As an adolescent, I perceived art galleries as deluxe institutions where superior intellects habituated. Time has changed this view – for the better. I had grown to love art in at its forms.


Nowadays, I perceive art galleries as places where cultural, scientific, and personal treasures are displayed.


One gallery in Melbourne that caught my interest is the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). It consists of two sites namely: NGV International and Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.


General admissions to the extraordinary NGV is always FREE!


Rich History of NGV


In the early 1860s, the Victorian government set aside funds to establish the first “National Gallery”. Since its emergence in 1861, National Gallery of Victoria has been Australia’s oldest, biggest, and most visited art museum.


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One of the most unforgettable events that is truly worth the headlines is the theft of Pablo Picasso’s The Weeping Woman painting. In 1986, an unidentified group of people who called themselves as “Australian Cultural Terrorists” claimed to be responsible for the break-in. The painting was returned 2 weeks later.


World-class Art of NGV International


With the vast collections of NGV, it cannot be contained within a single site. Two incredible sites called NGV International and NGV Australia were located at merely walking distance from each other.


NGV International is home to Asian, Oceanic, European, and American art. The total number of collections has doubled since its opening in 1968 (70,000 artworks). From paintings to artefacts, antiquities to sculptures, NGV International has the most comprehensive and diverse array of collections.


Currently, there is an interesting exhibition called the “Eighteenth-Century Porcelain Sculpture” which is free for everyone until December. Be mesmerized by the porcelain figures that played a part in the symbolic visual culture of the Baroque court.


Indie Charm of NGV Australia


Housing the superb collections of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian art is none other than NGV Australia. NGV Australia has permanent displays, special exhibitions, programs, restaurant, and cafes. It is more than just a place that manifests great art!

take a tour inside Andy Warhol Ai Weiwei exhibition at the National Gallery in Victoria

Image Credit: MissBish

NGV Australia’s collections consist of Australian colonial, impressionist, and modern art as well as Indigenous artefacts. Two of its well-known pieces are “Shearing the Rams by Tom Roberts” and “The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin”.


From now until July 31,  NGV Australia is showcasing a unique exhibition entitled “200 Years of Australian Fashion”. Tickets are available at


Visitor’s Information


Site: The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Operating Hours: 10am–5pm except on Anzac Day and Public Holidays

General Entry: FREE


Site: NGV International

Operating Hours: 10am–5pm except on Weekends, Anzac Day, and Public Holidays

General Entry: FREE



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