The Elegance Of Pialligo Estate Farmhouse Will Make You Feel Like A Star


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the showcase of the scenic Pialligo Estate!


Spectacular food, rustic aesthetics, and remarkable wine options await you at the Pialligo Estate Farmhouse. The award-winning Farmhouse is a restaurant that plays with your senses. It serves you delectable food along with the rustic charm and heat of the vaulted ceilings, recycled timbers, and natural stones. Feel these sensations while overlooking the picturesque vista with over 12,000 plants.


The idea for both the Pialligo Estate Farmhouse and the Pialligo Estate Smokehouse came about when owners John Russell and Rowan Brennan bought a spacious land at the heart of Canberra. They bought it to build their serene houses, to enjoy grow their veggie gardens, and to host barbecues with their friends.


Their fantasy became a reality as they held parties in the winery and barbecues in the property. All their friends raved about the goodness of the food and stressed that it is “really a shame that the public was not able to get in the property”. So they decided to open the Pialligo Estate to the public, the right way!


Exuding Opulence and Grandeur


The Farmhouse restaurant boasts its “character-filled space defined by the building’s colonial-inspired architecture, stunning garden outlook, and striking use of earthy materials…which give it a feeling of opulence and grandeur”.


There are no big neon lights or flashy signs that point to the entrance of the Farmhouse. It goes to show how classy the place is. Its interior is extraordinary as it resembles a Chalet (i.e., a built-in lodge or cottage) filled with timber accents, stone walls, and a chimney. Its surroundings are nothing short of amazing too! The massive property has its own vineyard, olive grove, orchard, and market garden.

Farmhouse at Pialligo Estate

Image Credit: Leanne Chow

Servicing With Excellence


According to the Australian blogger Angie or Gnome Angel, the Farmhouse is going to be successful due to its staff. She does not drink alcohol and her drinking options are limited. When she was offered Champagne, she turned it down. Here is the rest of the story as scribed by her:


“One of the staff members (Tony) noticed that I turned it down and came over and asked me if I would like a mocktail (a non-alcoholic cocktail). Doing something completely out of character, I said yes.


Oh em gee! He returned with this sparkling citrus drink topped with fresh pear that was uh-maze-ing!”


This goes to show that the staff is sensitive to its diners!


The excellent staff is attentive, polite, and knowledgeable. You will feel fancy right from the start as the employees will address you by gentleman or ma’am. This courtesy is coupled by their knowledge on wines and dishes.


Offering Great Culinary Experience


The online community is in favor of the great culinary experience offered by the Farmhouse by rating it with 4.2 stars out of 5. By browsing thru the gallery of their dishes, you will realize that their Instagram-worthy plates appear to be something from a world-class food show. Having the dish serve in front of you will make it feel surreal!


The prices of the delicious mains are over AU$30 while the set (i.e., starter, main course, and dessert) costs about AU$95 per person. These prices may seem overwhelming at first sight but, it is all worth it.

Image Credit: thefoodavenue

Image Credit: thefoodavenue

The restaurant supports the regional produce as well as their own grown produce. You are sure to savor the natural goodness of these fresh ingredients. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on products and services that are valuable then, you must give the Farmhouse a try!


Keen for a memorable dining experience that mimics the scenes from the movies? Book within a 48-hour period by calling 02 6247 6060 for reservations and dietary requirements.


Visitor’s Information


Location: Pialligo Estate 18 Kallaroo Rd., Pialligo ACT 2609

Operating Hours: Thursday – Sunday from 12pm to 2:30pm (Lunch) and Wednesday – Saturday from 6pm to 8:30pm (Dinner)

Contact: +61 26247 6060


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