The Birth Of Sydney Cebu Lechon

The Sydney Cebu Lechon is a roast to order factory that’s popular for their roasted suckling pig or lechón (Spanish). Lechón is a popular food in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic that is often served throughout the year for any special occasion, during festivals, and the holidays.

Fely and Fred Mahusay, owners of Sydney Cebu Lechon

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The birth of Sydney Cebu Lechon started way back in 1987 when a Filipino couple, Fely and Fred Mahusay migrated to the Commonwealth of Australia. At that time, Filipino food is very hard to find so the couple decided to cook Lechón, a specialty in their regional home, Cebu.


They began roasting suckling pigs for their family and friends to ease their homesick blues thinking that food was their only way to connect back to their motherland. In 1991, the family decided to share their authentic Lechon with the public and Sydney Cebu Lechon was then born.


Their son, Wil Mahusay and Their recipe


Their son, Wil Mahusay also joined their family business to lend a hand to his parents since roasting a whole suckling pig is very labor intensive, it takes good several hours to prepare and finish to get a good result. Their recipe, blend of shallots, star anise, chili (optional), garlic and lemongrass are stuffed inside the pig, then it will be sewn up and then roasted over a hand-built oven for three to four hours.


Besides from serving their beloved customers, Sydney Cebu Lechon is also a part of a non-profit organization called The Filipino Food Movement Australia which aims to champion Filipino food and culture into the mainstream, to create broader awareness and appreciation of Filipino cuisine and culture.


Now, Sydney Cebu Lechon is an Australian registered business under the parent company of Ang Mahusay Pty Ltd


Now, Sydney Cebu Lechon is an Australian registered business under the parent company of Ang Mahusay Pty Ltd, they are also well-known as Sydney’s Original, Authentic & Tastiest Cebu Lechon since 1991.


From a simple family gathering to a successful business, hard work does really pay off! Follow their Facebook and Instagram page for more details and updates!




INSTAGRAM: @sydneycebulechon


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