The Biggest AlDub Question: Will They Ever Truly Meet?

  It’s one thing that every Filipino living abroad can hope for and relate to – a love story that transcends physical presence.   Such is the story that made AlDub huge.   It wasn’t just the chemistry.   It wasn’t just the good-looking characters involved.   It’s the fact that it gives every single follower a renewed faith in ‘forever’, no matter what the circumstances may be.   How Their Story Started   She is known as Yaya Dub, a pretty face that had the ability to morph into a million different alter egos to make the most of the hit lip syncing app Dubsmash.   A Culinary Arts graduate from DLSU-CSB, Maine Mendoza is a 20-year old who has always secretly wanted to be an actress, but believed that she didn’t have the talent for it. That, and the fact that she knew people were going to see her dream as baduy, so she never really pursued it.   As fate would have it though, her Dubsmash videos catapulted her to fame, with each collection getting over a million views each time. And yes, she was genuinely funny, and did not really need to put in a lot of effort to get people to like her.   Eat Bulaga staff found her video collections on Facebook and cast her as Yaya Dub, who trailed around after Lola Nidora, a character played by Wally Bayola. She doesn’t have her own lines, and did what she did best – lip sync.   She was an instant success.   He has always wanted to make it big in showbiz, but has not had the opportunity to show people what he’s got.   Alden Richards is Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., who tried out for the GMA talent search StarStruck a few years ago but was cut off the shortlist. He is a Business Management undergraduate from La Salle Canlubang, and lives in Sta. Rosa with his dad and siblings.   He was never really one of the popular ones until Eat Bulaga took him in as Sam YG’s co-host for the noontime show’s opening segment, That’s My Bae.   He smiled at her through the TV monitor.   Everybody caught her giddy look.   And that’s how their story started.   How Their Story Got Bigger   Okay, so one cute guy and one cute girl are paired up. Nothing new there, right?   Well, what fanned the flames is the fact that the couple has not even met yet, at least not personally. They continue to communicate through the screen, with Alden hosting in the studio and Yaya Dub out in the streets trying to keep Lola Nidora as comfortable as possible.   To add to their already complicated love story, Lola Nidora takes on the role of the ultimate villain. She takes on the role of an extremely overprotective and old-fashioned grandmother that a lot of Filipinos know so well, asking Alden to complete impossible tasks to show the world how much effort he’s willing to exert for Yaya’s undying love.   The mix of pop culture (with the couple’s pabebe wave), the complicated relationship, and the ever-hanging question of whether they will ever meet face to face or not have become the key factors on why this has become such a huge break for the couple.   So until they meet face to face, the whole country (and everyone else who supports the love team from across the globe) will stay glued to their screens, waiting for the moment when they can finally see their two idols together for good.   Will it ever happen? No one knows for sure. But the hope that it will is what keeps each of their fans asking for more.   Special thanks to iWeb for the main image.

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