Ten Steps to A Cleaner and More Organized Fridge

The first day back after a long vacation can be tough. With your mind still far away on that relaxing island or mountain, work is the last thing you’d be keen on, right?


Fear not. There are quite a few ways to make procrastination more productive, so to speak.


For instance, some people find housework to be a more relaxing alternative. Not really up for drafting that quarterly report? Try vacuuming! Overwhelmed by the number of pages to read for an upcoming meeting? Why not iron out what you plan to wear first?


If you really, really want to put off work yet are somehow more ambitious about the day’s output, there’s another chore you can really get into: cleaning your fridge. Not only can it be surprisingly therapeutic, but it could very well be timely. When was the last time you cleaned it, after all?


No worries, though. Here are a handful of hacks to make organizing your fridge a whole lot easier:


  1. Start with an empty fridge.
  2. Start with an empty fridge  

    Yep, you need to clear out your refrigerator’s contents for a bit. If you’re worried about food going bad in the meantime, you can either work in sections or place them in a cooler stocked with ice first.


    This preps the space for the next step.


  3. Wipe down all surfaces.
  4. Wipe down all surfaces  

    Take some disinfecting wipes and apply them to the entire fridge, including door compartments and shelves. Be especially thorough about wiping away dirt, stains, or hardened spills.


    Remove the drawers and soak them in some hot, soapy water. Wipe them dry before putting them back in.


  5. Line your shelves with easy to clean mats or cling wrap.
  6. Line your shelves with easy to clean mats or cling wrap  

    This makes it easier to clean your fridge next time. In case anything spills, simply detach the cling wrap and replace with a fresh sheet.


    You can also make fridge mats out of plastic placemats. Check it out here.


  7. Don’t keep dairy products in the fridge door.
  8. Don’t keep dairy products in the fridge door  

    The temperature fluctuates a lot in this part of the fridge, thus possibly causing your dairy items to go bad faster. Make your eggs, butter, cheese, and milk last by storing them on your fridge’s shelves instead.


  9. Use baskets.
  10. Use baskets  

    Group like items together in one basket. For example, you can put fresh herbs in one, and condiments in another. Each basket can also contain ingredients for smoothies, pasta sauces, or sandwich fillings for your convenience.


  11. Label, label, label.
  12. Label, label, label  

    Use a sticker or magnet for easy identification. Don’t forget to label the door’s contents too!


    You can even keep a roll of masking tape and a marker near the fridge. This makes it easier to label items with their purchase and/or expiry dates.


  13. Line the bottom of your crisper drawers with paper towels.
  14. Line the bottom of your crisper drawers with paper towels  

    Your crisper drawers can get pretty nasty, what with all the excess moisture from the fruits and vegetables stored there. Keep things clean and dry (and your produce free of mold from all that moisture) by lining the drawers with paper towels.


  15. Check for expired items.
  16. Check for expired items  

    ….and then toss them out. Okay, so your fridge (or rather, your freezer) can pretty much keep food safe to eat till kingdom come, but who wants to eat mushy brown bananas?


    Expiry dates typically vary, but if it’s discolored, smelly, or has funky little spores growing on it, into the trash can it goes.


  17. Throw in some activated charcoal.
  18. Throw in some activated charcoal  

    Activated carbon or charcoal works better than baking soda when it comes to absorbing odors. You can keep up a jar at any pet store to keep your fridge smelling clean.


  19. Take a photo of your fridge before heading to the grocery.
  20. Take a photo of your fridge before heading to the grocery  

    Lastly, this extra step allows you to check if you’ve got an item in stock really quickly, thus sparing you from buying unnecessary stuff at the supermarket. Not only does this help you save a few pennies, but it also prevents you from building up clutter in the fridge. Neat, eh?


Do remember to get back to work after you tidy up your fridge, though. That thing only needs a deep-clean every quarter.


Happy Cleaning!

Serena Estrella

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