Sydney Fiesta Kultura: The Largest Filipino Community Gathering in the Southern Hemisphere

Did you know that about 10% of Filipino migrants have headed to Australia? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2017, the number of overseas-born Filipinos had risen from 2011 to 2016.


A census conducted last 2016 shows that New South Wales is home to the biggest number of Filipinos. Almost 70,388 Filipinos have lived there last 2011.


The Filipino community in Australia became closer and larger until today. In fact, they have this huge event every year where Filipinos gather and celebrate the rich heritage of the Philippines.


Fiesta Kultura

About Fiesta Kultura

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The Sydney Fiesta Kultura is known as the Largest Filipino Community Gathering in the Southern Hemisphere, averaging an attendance over 25,000 a year, from over 5 states.


The Philippine Australian Sports Club Inc., the organizer of this annual major event has attained its silver jubilee, serving the Filipino-Australian community from the time it started as Philippine Australian Sports Council.


And this 2019,  Fiesta Kultura will be held on the Labor Long Weekend, October 6 at the Fairfield Showgrounds, NSW.


Tickets and Application Forms


The event will have numerous performances such as beauty pageants, cultural shows, tourism fair, and lots and lots of Pinoy street food. 


However, the event is not just about fun and games. Sydney Fiesta Kultura actually aims to provide the Filipino Community a strong platform of activities throughout the year and help and support charities across various causes.


If you want to get involved in the event, here are the links for the tickets and application forms:

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