How Do You Survive a Shark Attack?

With the recent news, a shiver of sharks is spotted 80 meters from the shores of Australian beaches. Hundreds of sharks are unusually spotted close to the shoreline of Forster-Tuncurry, New South Wales.


When filmed, they were feeding off a huge school of baitfish. As these types of fish are abundant in this area, sharks are attracted with the easy prey. It is best to avoid these areas for now especially within your holidays.


But if you can’t stop your beach wanderlust and in the extremely rare occurrence of a shark attack, what should we do in case we face one?


Should you follow the advice of the Baby Shark Dance Wave (Baby Shark, Doo x 6!) and run away? (Doo x 6)


Aside from dancing the wave, I suggest you don’t simply run away. These are the pointers you should remember when facing a dreaded shark attack.  



sharks attack

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First of all, be alert and don’t panic. AGAIN, DO NOT PANIC!


Sharks can smell your fear. Nothing is more tempting than chomping on a confused prey. You have to show this apex predator that you are not worth the hassle to be eaten.


Do not make sudden movements. Do not swim back unless you are very near the shore. Even if you are Michael Phelps, you cannot outswim a shark.


And besides, there is a reason why there are only 15 shark attacks per year. This is because sharks just mistook humans as prey. Usually, they are just provoked or you just look like a helpless swimming sea lion.


You can’t blame them, right?


Be in Defense Position

  Be in Defense Position  

So if I don’t run away, what do I do then?


Be in defense. Do not take your eyes off the shark. Do not let it sneak behind your back. Also, if you are with another person, it is best to be back-to-back with each other. It allows more coverage of all angles the shark can attack.


DO NOT PLAY DEAD. Even if you look dead, they might “try” you out for lunch. Make sure to maintain your defensive position.


You can SLOWLY AND CALMLY move towards the shore or your boat. And just don’t block the path of the shark.


Chances are they will just go past you.


Fighting the Shark

  Fighting the Shark  

But given the worst-case scenario, a shark may intently attack you. This is where we fight back and show it who’s boss. I mean we are the top predators on Earth after all.


It is best to hit the snout, eyes, or gills of the shark. If you have a spear gun, a rock, or maybe your camera, it is best to hit them with it for more force.


Hit the snout first if it aggressively approaches you. But when it bites, strike the eyes or gills using your free hand. If you don’t have any items with you, you can punch, jab, or claw these weak spots.


These areas are sensitive to the shark. And might fled away if they find you too much of a hassle. Pretty much like eating an aggressively clawing crab, you simply don’t. You just look for another meal.




Now that the shark fled, please do not frantically paddle away. This action might bring them back.


Also, if you are saved out of the water, do not go back to the water thinking it might be safe now. Might as well make the most out of this vacation. I mean, You were just attacked by a shark! Please.


It’s best that you get medical attention for any injuries that you might have.


Stay safe!

Leandro Eclipse

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