Were You Stranded Last Xiamen Airline Fiasco? The 5,000 PHP DFA Assistance is Extended Until August 31, 2018

Hooray! A job waiting for you abroad. You are ready for the next chapter of your life. With your whole life packed in your suitcase, you traverse the horrible EDSA traffic knowing that a brighter future is ahead of you.


But as you arrive at the airport, all flights are canceled. What’s happening? What will happen with my job? What will I do?! Many OFWs experienced this predicament from the evening of Aug. 16 to noon on Aug. 18. One of the planes from the Chinese carrier Xiamen Airlines skidded in the main runway of NAIA 3. Luckily, no one got hurt.


But this has caused multiple flights to be canceled and rerouted leaving thousands of passengers stranded. Some OFWs are even fearing to lose their jobs and facing jail time.


Xiamen airline is prepared to shoulder the costs of the fiasco, which is currently running at 33 Million. They already apologized for the inconvenience and issued this official statement in their twitter account while helping to ease the crisis at hand.


DFA Assistance until August 31, 2018  

DFA Assistance until August 31, 2018

Image Credit: Manila Bulletin


No amount of apology can relieve the stress this incident induced. But the DFA is ready to assist our stranded OFWs. Last week, the DFA office of Migrant Workers Affairs issued a release of financial assistance for our Modern Day Heroes.


If your plans got sidetracked in that occurrence, you are entitled to a PHP 5,000 financial assistance until August 31, 2018.


You just have to go to the DFA Home Office in Pasay with:

  • Airline ticket showing original date of departure

  • The reissued ticket showing the new date of departure

  • Employment contract

  • Overseas employment certificate


That’s it.


What if You Left Already?


Your job can’t wait for you. If you have flown already, you can still take advantage of this extra benefit. Just go to the nearest Philippine Embassy and Consulate General for the cash.


If you also need certifications and representation for your foreign employers (if you need to explain the delay), they are also happy to assist you.


Nobody wants this accident to happen. Although PHP 5,000 might be a small amount, it’s still an extra perk towards saving up for the future. With that, let’s pray for smooth and safer flights in the future.

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