Southern Lights: Australia’s Must-See Natural Wonder

In one’s lifetime, the mythical Auroras are quite a spectacle to see. Imagine Vivid Sydney, except ten times better. It represents so many legends as to its conception. But for whatever reason you might believe in, it is surely one ethereal experience.


Is it magic? How are these formed?


Well, it is certainly magical but conjuring the auroras is far from the occult. The Auroras are formed by the collision of solar wind emitted by the sun against the Earth’s magnetic field. This collision creates light bursts that form the Aurora. There are two types of Auroras, “Aurora Borealis” (Northern Lights) and “Aurora Australis” (Southern Lights). The only difference is the place where they occur.


My family is in Australia right now. Coming from there, where is the best place to see it?


The rule is, the nearer you are, in this case, in the south, the more you can expect to see. Fortunately, Tasmania, Australia is a place you can visit to sightsee this marvel.


I see. So my family can just go there and expect a sighting?


It depends. The more intense (G1 to G5 intensity) the solar storm, the more it reaches the mainland. But since the solar cycle is moving towards dormancy, the chance for that happening is nil. And please don’t pray for a G5 rating. It means the solar storm can cause major disruptions with our satellites. It may even cause most of our electronic communication devices to malfunction.


So when? All year round? Anytime?


You can only see them during the night. The solar flares happen all year round. Also, you have to consider the weather. It is best to go during WINTER (March – September in Australia) because the night tends to be longer and the skies are clearer.  Check this link for the exact place to see the Southern Lights in Tasmania.


I see! Do you have any online resources for this?


With many avid “watchers” in the world, there are numerous free forecasting sites you can go to. Also, there are free mobile apps to monitor on the go. And I suggest joining a social group for updates regarding the Southern Lights.


Great! We are booked! Do you have any final tips for us?

Southern Lights experience

Image Credit: Alex Conu Photography


For sure, bring the best camera that you have. When a weaker solar storm is present, most mobile cameras can’t pick up the display of lights. An SLR is best to bring. Also, travel away from the city to avoid any obstruction in the viewing site. The pollution and city infrastructure can hinder the achievement of that perfect photograph.


Lastly, regardless of your plans, simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Bond and reflect under this celestial display. You lucky ones!

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