Sound Bathing for the Mind: Immerse Yourself in a New Kind of Detox

I know. You have been taking quite a lot of stress lately. All the problems in your job: the pressing deadlines, the toxic co-worker, and the overtime. Not to mention financial and relationship problems compounding into the biggest storm of your life.


Well, that might be an exaggeration or a complete depiction of your life. Only you will know. But then, is there a way to momentarily shut down all these problematic voices screeching in your head?


Before your head explodes from all these, why not try Sound Bathing? Immerse yourself in a new kind of detox.


Sound Bathing??

  Sound Bathing  

Sound bathing is a meditation-like therapy with its roots predating even Christianity. The practice uses Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, tuning forks, gongs, and sometimes even accompanied by singing.


The sound healer “bathes” these sound waves to the listener to wash them off their worries. You will feel your body submerged in these sound waves to cleanse and clear your mind.


It’s like time is suspended in the practice where your consciousness is shifted. It allows you to access your thoughts and unplug yourself from reality. The calmness you feel silences your current fears and doubts. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating.


Science Backs It Up


But before you disregard it as just a hippie way to meditate. Numerous studies have shown how certain sounds can help reduce stress.


One glaring study is from R. Padmanabhan  A. J. Hildreth, (2005). They observe patients preparing for surgery and let them listen to sounds beforehand.


Three groups are made where they listened to different kinds of sounds. The group who listened to binaural beats (the one similar to those used in sound bathing) showed the most relieved surgery-induced stressed.


Other studies have also shown that binaural beats reduce anxiety levels and enhance mood states. It explains the relaxation and healing people feel when immersed in the practice.


What Do You Need to Prepare For?

What Do You Need to Prepare For?

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So now, what’s left is to try it out! Luckily, you don’t need to be trained in meditation or be trained in anything for that matter to experience its benefits. You just need to bring yourself in comfortable clothes.


If you’re expecting a sweat-inducing session, you expected wrong. Practitioners just lay down comfortably in the studio as they get bathed with the sound in savasana (corpse pose).


You might even feel your deep emotions emerging in the practice. Some experience laughing or crying unexpectedly. It’s fine. Again, let all your worries out. Feel the sound waves cleanse your fears away.


After this, you can’t expect your problems to magically disappear. But with the refreshed and rebooted feeling, for sure, you can face any obstacle head-on with a renewed you.

Leandro Eclipse

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