Sizzling Fillo Restaurant and Karaoke Bar Lidcombe

Experience a Sizzling Good Time at Sizzling Fillo Restaurant and Karaoke Bar

Image Source: Growing up in the Philippines, I know exactly how most Filipinos would describe a good time. Karaoke and great food—singing our hearts out until our vocal cords (or the neighbors) beg us to stop, while feasting on sisig, crispy pata, and bopis (platters of which seem to come endlessly from Lola’s kitchen). With a karaoke bar and serving mouthwateringly delicious crispy pata, it comes as no surprise that Sizzling Fillo Restaurant and Karaoke Bar’s always bustling with Pinoy diners.   Sizzling Fillo Restaurant is owned and operated by two young Filipina women, Nina Cruz and Ann Margaret Calayag. Being regular customers and good friends with the previous owners, Ann and Nina saw the restaurant’s great potential and decided to become its joint owners. Aside from becoming a favorite among Filipino expats and Australian food lovers alike, they also aim for Sizzling Fillo to become a preferred meet-and-greet venue for visiting Filipino celebrities.   Reviews for Sizzling Filo have been generally positive. A reviewer at commented, “I’ve been there at least eight times now: with a Filipino group from work, a few times with my daughter, and a couple of times with close friends (an Oz and an Asian)—always a good experience with food and service. Good food, very Pinoy.” Another commenter at said, “The pork belly was amazing. Extremely crispy skin and tasted delicious.”   Upon entering Sizzling Fillo, one can’t help but feel the warmth of Filipino hospitality. You’ll be greeted by a friendly and accommodating staff, and the chandeliers and silk-covered chairs lend an air of festivity. It’s the perfect place to take your significant other for a romantic night out or your entire family for a wonderful dinner.   The food at Sizzling Fillo is nothing short of awesome. When you’re looking for authentic Filipino food in Sydney, this is the place to go. Their crispy pata was deep fried to perfection—the skin was incredibly crunchy and the meat tender and juicy. Their pancit canton was tasty, with the vegetables cooked just right. Of course, a meal at Sizzling Fillo would not be complete without sizzling sisig. The sizzling sisig did not disappoint—it was rich and flavorful and offered the right combination of flavors and textures.   Sizzling Fillo also offers a variety of Filipino desserts. Their halo-halo is creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The leche flan and turon were also delightful.   Sizzling Filo’s menu includes heaps of other authentic Filipino dishes; including kare-kare, beef caldereta, papaitan, dinuguan, and lechon kawali. They also offer staple Pinoy beverages—calamansi juice, buko juice, and salabat. Planning to celebrate a special event at Sizzling Fillo? You can also pre-order a whole lechon! Isn’t that sweet?   Sizzling Filipino Restaurant is located at 36 Railway Parade, Lidcombe, a stone’s throw away from the Lidcombe Train Station. For bookings and reservations, call (02) 9649 7939. They can also be reached through email at   References:

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