Show Off Your Filipino Pride With These Authentic Native Products


Filipinos are known to be hardworking and patriotic. We embrace our culture wholeheartedly and often brag our “Pinoy pride” to almost everyone. But sometimes, when it comes to buying products we forget to support the local products made by our own Kababayan.


If you’re not familiar with our authentic native Filipino products, then you’re missing a lot in your life. Because these products are one of the unique and best products that will definitely show off your Filipino spirit.


Lakhambini Shoes and Sandals

  Lakhambini Shoes and Sandals  

Indigenous textile is the theme for these sandals and shoes. The owner, Mai Flores has decided to establish a footwear business that uses unique fabric patterns.


“Not only do I get to use local resources, but I also get to show my country’s beautiful heritage and culture in every pair.” -Mai Flores


The weavers who produce these textiles are women from Benguet, Mt. Province, and Apayao. Some of them had been weaving for a long time, one as long as 20 years. And to give honor to these women’s hard work, Flores has decided to name each of her shoe and sandal designs after them.


In fact, her business’ brand name, Lakhambini, is a tribute to Filipino women since “Lakambini” means a noblewoman, and Flores spelled it as “Lakhambini,” also for the word “habi” (weave) to show in the brand logo.


Talk about women empowerment!


Kaayo Modern Mindanao

  Kaayo Modern Mindanao  

[ka.á.yo.] : (n.) kindness; (adj.) good.


Kaayo is a collection of different stories and livelihoods of the southernmost part of the Philippines, Mindanao. It is a weaving tradition and modernization to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are uniquely Mindanaoan.


In January 2017, a mother and daughter tandem set up Kaayo and started its business from that day on. The Kaayo family composed of Mindanao designers, local sewers from Mindanao, the T’Boli tribe of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato and the Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe who reside in the outskirts of Mt. Apo.


Kaayo’s goal is to promote the tradition of Mindanaoan and bring honor to the tribes and culture of the Philippines.


“Through the brand, purposeful creativity of the modern Filipino entrepreneur who exhibits deep respect for customs, tradition & trends and the harmonious juxtaposition of old and modern have become a beautiful reality.” -Kaayo


Piopio PH

Piopio PH

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Piopio PH is known for capturing traditional Filipino textile arts and intermix it into modern forms. With this style, its results into striking bomber jackets, Bahag shorts, Kimonos, and many more.


They’ve been sourcing all their fabrics from traditional handweavers across the Philippines and came up with slightly different patterns from unique weavers.


The Piopio PH has truly shone with their remarkable products and also captured people’s attention with their genuine purpose to give highlights to craftsmanships and love for a dying art.


Tesseract Manila

  Tesseract Manila  

“Unbounded. Mysterious. Beautiful”


Pearl waterfall necklace, Lava Stone Drop earrings, and Earth ring set. IF you’re into these kinds of accessories, then this is the right shop for you.


Tesseract Manila offers handmade Jewelry since 2013. Its owner, Anna Terrenal have found her passion in jewelry making way back when she was just 15 years old.


And now, Tesseract Manila is an independent local jewelry brand located in Metro Manila, Philippines, that aims to empower everyone to explore the universe and discover one’s personal style through our wide range of designs.


Linea Etnika

  Linea Etnika  

In April 2016, Linea Etnika, Inc. was established with the theme, “Weaving indigenous culture with chic fashion”.


Each piece of clothing is created with a mold that matches easy dressing and classic cuts made fresh with embellishments using indigenous weaves.

Linea Etnika is a brand for sensible shoppers who see the value of a social enterprise and are proud to wear local.


These brands may differ on style, procedures, and ways to promote their products but one thing still binds them together, and that is their love for our country.


So let’s continue to support our local brands and don’t forget our roots. Let’s show our Filipino pride with these authentic native products!

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