Short Courses That Can Improve Your Chances of Working Abroad (And Where to Get Them)

Despite the many challenges that come with it, millions of Filipinos still dream of working abroad.


It isn’t without its charms, of course. A stint abroad beefs up your CV, brings in a wonderful change of scenery, and can significantly boost your skill set.


And then there’s the exchange rate. Cha-ching.


Granted, the demand for certain jobs are higher than others in Western countries, but these can vary from year to year. That said, are there any career paths or subjects you can study to improve your chances of landing that elusive overseas gig?


Fortunately, yes. Here are a few of them:


  1. Intensive English Courses.
  2. Intensive English Courses

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    Effective communication is useful in any industry. Conversely, all the skill and experience in the world will come to naught if you, your employer, and your colleagues don’t understand each other.


    Furthermore, your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score can do wonders for your overall application. A higher one will give you an undeniable edge over the other applicants.


    Where can I avail of these courses?The 9.0 Niner Review Center offers classroom lectures and tutorials on English proficiency. They’ve also been helping countless Filipinos pass their IELTS exams for over 12 years now. Check them out here.


  3. Information Technology (IT) Classes.
  4. Information Technology (IT) Classes

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    The Philippines has no shortage of IT geniuses, but the right certifications are crucial if you are aiming to explore this industry overseas. These simply confirm that you are familiar with global industry standards, a must for any player on the international field.


    There are quite a few languages that dominate the IT industry, but a solid understanding of one or two of them can only be advantageous for anyone who aspires to work abroad.


    • Python Programming
    • This object-oriented programming language plays a crucial role in web programming and desktop applications.


      Where can I avail of this course? Try the UP Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC).


    • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
    • ITIL focuses on aligning IT services with a business’ differing needs throughout its life cycle stages.


      Where can I avail of this course? APEX Global has some pretty good courses on the subject.


    • Unix/Linux System Administration Fundamentals
    • Knowing the ins and outs of Unix/Linux will enable you to manage a firm’s IT infrastructure more effectively and efficiently.


      Where can I avail of this course? MAPUA IT Center reportedly has a fundamentals course that’ll teach you everything you need to know.


  5. Culinary Courses.
  6. Culinary Courses

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    If you’ve ever gone abroad on a holiday, you probably encountered a Pinoy line chef at your hotel breakfast buffet or even a Filipino barista at the nearby coffee shop. Not everyone can be the next Chef Boy Logro, but attaining internationally-recognized certifications is open to all, should you be so inclined.


    • Barista Foundation Courses

      It’s not just about brewing methods, mind you. Training as a barista also involves learning about the coffee industry, best practices, and various service industry standards.


      Where can I avail of this course? The Barista and Coffee Academy Asia (BCAA) has three campuses and one Specialty Coffee Association Certification.


    • Diploma in International Culinary Arts

      Do you dream of flexing your culinary muscles in international kitchens? Best master your skills according to international standards first.


      Where can I avail of this course? The Asian Institute of Culinary Arts (AICA), with its 150-hour immersion program, can help you do just that.


    • Pastry and Bakery Arts and Kitchen Management

      From preparation to baking to plating, a lot of work goes into those desserts you see on your Instagram feed. Pastry art isn’t something you go into lightly, as it is a highly demanding profession.

      Where can I avail of this course? The International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) can teach you the proper technique and attitude for both modern and traditional pastry-making.


  7. Healthcare.
  8. Healthcare

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    Just to be clear, there are no shortcuts for going to medical school, okay? If you want to practice abroad, you still need to be a legit nurse, doctor, or veterinarian. The following courses are only meant to make medical professionals more competitive on a global level.


    • Diploma in International Health.

      Your understanding of health problems might be a given, but imagine looking at them within a global context. That’s what this course teaches you, basically.


      Where can I avail of this course? Check out UP Open University.


    • Medical Coding.
    • The correct diagnosis and the prescription of proper treatment is half the battle when it comes to running a successful hospital. Accurate billing is the other half.


      Where can I avail of this course? The Healthcare Billing Institute, where else?


Go forth and conquer, kabayan!

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