Shop, Dine, or Catch a Movie in Style at Portside Wharf

There’s something about the riverside that heightens the beauty of everything around it. Perhaps it’s the clear, endless blue of the water, the mild tang on the breeze, or the sleek lines of cruise ships and yachts docked by the wharf, but the ambience certainly has a transportive effect on the most mundane of errands.


And nowhere else on Earth is this more apparent than in Brisbane’s Portside Wharf.


Sometimes referred to as The Wharf, Portside Wharf is Brisbane’s commercial international cruise terminal. Tourists who arrive by ship or luxury cruise are a common sight in this area, as are local residents who get here via catamarans collectively known as the City Cat. While the terminal was clearly designed to receive seabound vessels from all over the world (this harbor is capable of accommodating ships that are up to 270 meters in length), it has also been developed into a world-class retail and residential complex over the past ten years.

  Sono Brisbane Portland Wharf  

If you are looking for a shopping experience that’s a little out of the ordinary (we Filipinos do have an abundance of shopping malls as it is), the retail precinct here at The Wharf is sure to interest you. Just a ten-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD, it plays host to a wide range of retailers that cater to every fancy. From international brands to local stalwarts, you’ll find so many different options for just about any retail product, be it a nice pair of designer jeans or the latest innovation in anti-aging skincare. Pro-tip: Register for a Portside Loyalty Pass here to get access to exclusive promos and events.


Should you need something to ease your mind and body after a rough week at work, there’s also Portside Wharf’s Ella Bache, where you can avail of luxurious head-to-toe pampering! (They’ve even got lash and brown tinting, shaping,and perming services on offer.)


Portside Wharf is also home to some of Brisbane’s best restaurants. If you get hungry after several rounds of retail and spa therapy, Bamboo Basket serves up delicious Chinese dimsum, Belvedere’s got the best steak in town, and Deer Sir is great for a nice cup of coffee on a Sunday morning (all the better for nursing that hangover from cocktail hour at Byblos the night before). What’s more, all diners are treated to riverfront views and fresh river or sea air breezes to complement their excellent meals.


Image Credit: Visit Brisbane


For a family-friendly activity, why not visit the Dendy Cinema? With five digital state-of-the-art cinemas, luxury stadium seating, and the latest in high-quality movie releases, watching either “Finding Dory” or “Doctor Strange” here ought to be an experience in and of itself. If you’re lucky, you might even chance upon a red-carpet premiere upon your visit.


Portside Wharf is located at 39 Hercules St., Hamilton, 4007, Queensland, Australia, and is open for 24 hours a day.

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