Seven Classic Filipino Dishes To Serve On Independence Day

Food is such an integral thread in the fabric of history, but so many scholars pay it so little heed.


For instance, we know that Aguinaldo unfurled the Philippine flag and debuted the national anthem on 12 June 1898, but there’s no information on what he and his cohorts ate for lunch afterwards. Passing strange, considering our country’s obsession with food, right?


Instead, we have the menu from the “Solemn Ratification of Philippine Independence” on 29 September 1898, The original copy, which is on display in Cagayan de Oro’s Xavier University Museum, is quite a revelation.

  For starters, the lunch menu in question is in French, not Filipino  

For starters, the lunch menu in question is in French, not Filipino. Furthermore, it appears to be a lavish Continental spread. Our Founding Fathers enjoyed oysters, prawns, buttered radishes, olives, Lyon sausages, sardines in tomato sauce, and salmon with Hollandaise sauce. Main courses like crabmeat, stuffed pastry shells, chicken giblets, mutton chops with potato straws, stuffed truffled turkey a la Manilloise, beef fillet a la Chateaubriand with green beans, and cold ham with asparagus followed soon after.


An assortment of fruits, jam, and cheeses, along with frosted strawberries and ice cream rounded out the meal. Fine wines and liquors like Bordeaux, Sauterne, Chartreuse, and cognac flowed freely throughout as well. It all sounds quite fancy, eh?


Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your own Independence Day feast. The following Filipino dishes are not only relatively easy on the pocket and a cinch to prepare, but they’re alsoguaranteed crowd pleasers:


  1. Filipino Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Shanghai).
  2. Filipino-Spring-Rolls-Lumpiang-Shanghai  

    These scrumptious pastry cylinders are stuffed with meat and vegetables, then fried to a crisp. They would make for a perfect hors d’oeuvre, no?


    Click here for the recipe.


  3. Noodle Stir-Fry (Pancit Bihon).
  4. Noodle Stir-Fry (Pancit Bihon)  

    Instead of serving white rice, why not try this noodle-based alternative? (Yes, I realize how sacrilegious that sounds, but bear with me here.)


    Click here for the recipe.


  5. Chicken Adobo.
  6. Chicken Adobo  

    Come on now, would any Filipino menu be complete without this legendary mainstay? You can, of course, substitute a different kind of meat, but you can never go wrong with chicken.


    Click here for the recipe.


  7. Filipino-Style Pork Barbecue.
  8. Filipino-Style-Pork-Barbecue  

    Yes, the Aussies are aces at grilling stuff on the barbie, but these pork skewers could give whatever they come up with a run for its money. Tender, succulent, and more-ish, children and adults alike will enjoy this dish in equal measure.


    Click here for the recipe.


  9. Spicy Beef Stew (Caldereta).
  10. Spicy Beef Stew (Caldereta)  

    Liverwurst spread might sound like an unusual addition to a stew, but it thickens the sauce and imparts an unmistakable richness.


    Click here for the recipe.


  11. Creamy Leche Flan.
  12. Creamy Leche Flan  

    What’s a feast without dessert? This soft, luscious custard certainly won’t disappoint, and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry already.


    Click here for the recipe.


  13. Philippine Fruit Salad.
  14. Philippine Fruit Salad  

    Lots of foreigners are puzzled by this relatively odd concoction of canned fruits and cream. However, I have yet to meet anyone who could resist a second serving after sinking their teeth into this.


    Click here for the recipe.


Not up for spending a few hours in the kitchen? No worries! Whip up a quick batch of banana chips, and then call it a day!


Happy Independence Day!

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