Sending a Balikbayan Box Back Home for Christmas? Try These Three AU Cargo Forwarders.

Now that Jose Mari Chan has full dominion over the airways yet again, the holiday rush in the Philippines is in full swing. While the rest of the world prepares for Thanksgiving, our country is already planning this year’s Noche Buena, so to speak.


And apparently, such advanced preparations aren’t exclusive to us Filipinos at home. If anything, Pinoy migrants abroad actually get started on their holiday to-do list sooner.


You see, a lot of them send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines every Christmas. These are huge cardboard boxes filled with shampoo, lotion, and a variety of canned goods that, for some reason, are all the rage back home. Sure, the contents sound inane, especially since you can get them at just about any supermarket, but I have yet to hear of anyone turning down a month’s worth of free groceries.


More than anything, though, the balikbayan box is a labor of love. Many Pinoy migrants put a lot of thought into what Ma, Pa, or bunso would like, and spend months carefully saving up to fill the box with such treats. 


Hence, you would want to make sure that your carefully-prepared balikbayan box falls into the right hands, yes? Well, worry not, for here are three cargo forwarding companies in Australia to help you out:


  1. LBC.
  2. 1-LBC

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    They’re one of the most trusted names in the business, and with good reason. LBC’s vast transportation network, advanced logistics set-up, and Filipino-centric customer service makes them a top choice for many migrants.


    Shipping a jumbo balikbayan box via LBC starts at AU$110, though you can get a more accurate estimate here


  3. Plus Cargo.
  4. 2-Plus Cargo

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    If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient service, lots of Pinoy migrants in Australia recommend Plus Cargo. The company ships packages from Sydney to just about anywhere in the Philippines and even accepts off-size boxes. (Special conditions and charges would apply, however.)


    Sometimes, they even have Christmas promos where you can get a discount off your second or third package. Email for more details.


  5. Forex Cargo.
  6. 3-Forex Cargo

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    This company has been shipping cargo to the Philippines from Australia since the 90’s. While they are based in New South Wales, their cargo forwarding services extend to customers in areas like Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. 


    Best of all, Forex Cargo’s official website has a straightforward and user-friendly design. They’ve even got an updated shipping schedule posted, and are equipped with online box tracking.


    Check them out here


Lastly, do read up on the proper procedure for packing a balikbayan box beforehand. You wouldn’t want your shipment getting flagged for any reason once it hits our shores, after all.


Happy Packing!

Serena Estrella

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