Science Says We Women Turn Into Our Moms At The Age of 33

Yep, you turn into the very thing you may have been rebelling against your entire life: your mother.


But you know what? Barring drug addiction, psychopathic tendencies, and abusive behavior, that’s not exactly a bad thing. After all, our mothers did manage to raise us snotty-nosed kids to adulthood and that takes skill.


Don’t believe me? Check out what science has to say on the subject.


Why 33?

Why 33_  

Dr. Julian de Silva, a Harley Street plastic surgeon, commissioned a recent poll. Its participants had to reveal the age at which they started aspiring to be like their parents. The magic number for women? 33.


More than half the female participants admitted to mimicking their mothers in their early 30’s. Apparently, that’s down to two things: motherhood and aging.


The average age of first-time mothers in the UK is now at 30.5, which makes sense. When you start bringing up your own kids, you’re likely to mimic how your own parents did it, right?


As for the physical signs of aging, people generally start to get wrinkles and gain a few pounds in their 30’s. In other words, you start to look like your mom when you first met her as “Mom.” So, when you start to resemble her, feeling like her isn’t too far behind.


There are a handful of traits that we naturally inherit from our mothers to begin with, but there are some telltale signs that you’re actually turning into her. These include watching the same TV shows, taking up the same hobbies, and even *gasp!* spouting the same maxims.


Don’t be too surprised to find yourself yelling at people to wipe their shoes before entering the house then.


Does This Apply to Men Too?

Does This Apply to Men Too_

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Not too keen on the news? Don’t worry, it’ll happen to your partner too.


According to the survey, men start turning into their fathers at age 34. Take note that new fathers, in the UK, at least, are 33.5 years old, on average. Uncanny, isn’t it?


So, how can you tell if your man is turning into his old man? For the survey respondents, they mentioned behaviors like turning off lights in empty rooms, switching to a different radio station, or possibly even adopting their fathers’ political opinions.


Yikes. I guess the dad jokes probably come in much earlier.


Kidding aside, we can probably agree that our parents, our moms especially, don’t get nearly as much appreciation as they deserve. Often, we only start to appreciate them when we’re already living on our own, and/or when we’re starting our own family.


And sometimes, we take their presence for granted until age or disease takes them from us.


Thus, there is comfort in knowing that just as we children once came to life under our mother’s skin, we will get to a point where we might find them looking back at us in the mirror.


Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers!

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