School Year 2017: Are Your Kids Hesitant of Schooling?

With the heat subsiding (sort-off), the end of our kid’s summer vacation is imminent.


The start of the new school year brings, yet again, the “back-to-school jitters”. It is an encore of the dragging cycle of morning preparations and homework, not to mention the occasional tantrum of that unwilling child. But before you literally drag them to school (please don’t), and you being a PATIENT and LOVING parent, we give you five tips to handle this predicament.


1. Going Back to the Routine

Going Back to the Routine

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Preferably two weeks before the start of class, have a morning routine kick-off for your kids. Set the alarm for the “school days”. And let them sleep on time as well. Also, allocate time in the evening to prepare for the needed materials for the following day. It is a good tip also to place the materials they need for tomorrow near the door for easy grabbing when heading off.


2. Communicate With Your Child about Their Fears

Communicate With Your Child about Their Fears

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A child’s unspoken fears might spell a troublesome year. It is better to discuss their worries head-on. But be very careful with your speech. Stay away from saying “Ayan, hindi ka nanaman makagising! Dahil sa kakacomputer mo yan!!” [There, you can’t even wake up! It’s all because of your computer addiction!!]. Instead, word the conversation using positive phrasing. This will take you a LONG way, like Miles Away.


3. Bring Them to the School and to His/Her School Friends

Bring Them to the School and to His and or Her School Friends

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A simple tip is to visit the school before the term starts. Try looking for their specific classroom, or the specific rules for the campus this year. A simple tour and some knowledge beforehand would drastically decrease anxiety for your children. It is also a good practice to invite His/Her school friends over. Reconnecting to a familiar person would give them more reason to be excited for the school year.  With giving them familiarity, it gives them more security as to what to expect.

4. School Supplies

School Supplies

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It is good to be ready with what they need for the upcoming year. It is high time because we also have a promo for this month. But aside from this, the child should be involved in purchasing their new lunchbox, bag, or whatnot. This can help in hyping up the willingness to start the school year. Because finally, they can use their newly acquired items.

5. Homework


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Oh, the dreaded homework. After the time of complete freedom, the despised homework hampers with our kids’ liberty. But a system would make this abhorrence manageable. Kids are different. Some may want to finish their homework as soon as possible. Some may not want to do them at all. But a good tip is to set a SPECIFIC PLACE and TIME to finish their homework preferably away from distractions (TV, Computer Games, Clingy Pet Dog, Etc.).


This structure would help them manage their desired free time and their school duties. This app can also help them in the process. Don’t forget to praise them for the EFFORT they have done, not necessarily from the grades they get. With this, you are reinforcing good habits to be continued a little step at a time.  


In Conclusion


With this, I hope you find your back-to-school woes manageable. After all, you are a PATIENT and LOVING parent; *repeat the mantra* PATIENT and LOVING parent.

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